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Heart rhythm and food allergies


I have been incredibly busy over the last 2weekends and not really paid attention to my diet, I'm as much as I have multiple food sensitivities. Firstly I had fresh orange juice at a B&B. Crikey that was bad but also had my heartrate all over the place as well as affecting my digestive system. And yesterday, what I thought was dairy free actually had milk in it,. I've been ill all night and the same has happened again, it's been a miserable night between bathroom visits and my heart doing the tap dance through the night.

Does anyone else find that foods trigger this to happen

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Absolutely. Click on my user name and look over some of my posts on food/AF and food intolerances/ allergies.


Thank you.

I did suspect.

I had a sensitivity test a few moths ago at a local herbal shop. The list is extensive. I've had gastro iand toilet issues for decades . Cut everything out and mosty all havs been resolved. White potato and white sugar are tricky ones to eliminate as they are pretty much in everything including processed meats for goodness' sake! And free from products add those too. Your post says about duck. I have no issues with that, but pork and beef are totally out of my diet, just fish, chicken and turkey now which I'm happy with

Sadly wine (alcohol) is not for me as is chocolate


The list of sensitivities is quite extensive and still working out what I can and can't have and sick to the back teeth of reading ingredient lists. Even a quick shopping trip is long now.

Plus side.. I'm loosing weight 👍👍

Absolutely! I too can't drink fresh orange juice, eat a Sunday roast or a cooked breakfast without suffering for the next day with my digestion. I try to avoid large meals generally, as this too plays havoc.

Dp you know if this is an allergy/sensitivity thing for yourself, have you had tests. I had both endoscopies with biopsies and only mild inflammation was found each time with not follow up. So, after been gastro,/tioket orientated for roughly 30yrs I'm now perfectly OK *unless I eat the wrong thing, as I'm now finding out. Have had ectopics and fainting episodes since 19yr old, now 60 and finally feeling so much better all round.

I have had endoscopies and they showed inflammation of my stomach (gastritis) and an osophagul hernia, but have had no allergy tests. I take omeprazole to prevent reflux and heartburn.

Same. I take omaprozole too. Though if I eat wrong it dients help whatsoever

Read an interesting article only last night linking periods of acid reflux with an alteration in heart rhythm. Don’t like taking ppi’s but did last night and reflux has stopped and the heart pattern on the Kardia has settled again. Early days but currently my problems appear to be a) anything more than a small glass of organic red wine b) pushing myself exercise wise c) indigestion - so trying to target those three with some hypnotherapy to deal with the anxiety all this is causing me.

Since cutting out all the allergy foods my reflux has vanished. I'm wondering now if food allergies are a distinct link to heart issues.

I'm still on a learning curve with it all.

Sadly alcohol and chocolate are off for me, also white potato, gluten, wheat, lobster, and prawns along with pork and beef and white sugar. I miss wine, and chocolate .

The free from foods are even tricky as to compensate there is always chocolate added and blooming potato starch is added. Even for example, sliced meets (chicken) has potato starch added. It's nigh on impossible to get things without any of the list I have, not being added. Oh. Also dairy.


i have no food allergies but my stomach (vagus nerve irritation) is definitely a trigger. If I eat a very dense meal - red meat, lots of potatoes/bread etc can do it. If I have a stomach bug and the clear-out medication I had to take to have internal cameras, triggered it very quickly.

I've already been avoiding cold and flu remedies and tried echinacea, not sure yet if that is reactive. Knowing my luck it probably is 😒

Cold and flu remedies? Tell me more? Is this why my Consultant said whisky and honey...but hang on that’s alcohol

NooNoo14 in reply to Slim2018

I wish Slim, had to cut out alcohol and caffeine but still getting AFib so maybe I should just drown my sorrows 😁.

Slim2018 in reply to NooNoo14

I have been told that a small glass of organic red wine is ok as its low in sulphides. Chocolate is interesting think that may be a problem for me that I have missed. If they say that sex and riding a motorcycle causes Afib I will blow my brains out LOL!

Slim2018 in reply to Slim2018

And may I just say that “Slim” is the type of Harley I ride not a descriptive term of my build...thank goodness I no longer ride a Fat Boy!

OMG. No!!!! That wouldn't do at all😁😁

Chocolate sets my afib off - I think it's the caffeine.

Phenylepherine(so)? Actually raises heart rate, it was the first thing I checked with my gp as when I came out of hospital i wound up with a bad cold. Even the chemist said not to use, so flu remedies and lwmsios are out for me

😁 I am also sensitive to chocolate but am sorry that would be a step too far!.

Just not worth the reaction I'm afraid. I keep trying things that showed up on the test and so far each has reacted. So I'm trusting that the guy knew his stuff

Acid reflux has always started my ectopics. I used to find being sick would stop them. Not ideal but I had enough of them when it happened. I now go for a walk if I feel food coming back up after tea!

Thanks. I did have the opposite, in as much as food wasn't going down and was choking,therefore bring it back upbut not like being sick. This doesn't happen now, except for the time I had orange juice which then took me some hours before I could swallow without discomfort.

Taking some flax seed oil each day may help to soothe the digestive system. If one totally avoids something one is intolerant to for three months or more, one can then often reintroduce it once every four days, without reactivating the intolerance (This does not apply to true allergies, which are normally for life)

Diamonddaisy in reply to Polski

Thank you. I have heard of this happening and I will try the foods intermittently to see if my sensitivities have eased.

On a plus side though, I've lost over a stone and guess this will help as gp and consultant have both told me to loose weight which I've had trouble doing so. My blood sugars are better as I was boarder long type 2diabetes and apparently obese so that in itself is a massive plus (though some is muscle as I have been toning up due to osteoarthritis)

Diamonddaisy in reply to Polski

I will look into the flax seed oil. I used to use the seed in my breakfast porridge yrs ago. Its definitely something I will try

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