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What to engrave on a medical ID bracelet

Travelling soon ( I hope) and not necessarily in an area where the medical support will be of Western standard all the time.

So what do I have engraved on my medical bracelet?

Name I assume

A. Fib? do they need to know this?

Warfarin I would have thought essential due to interactions

Beta Blockers? name and dosage?

Emergency contact name and phone?

Just wondering what others have done and how much info, obviously for most styles there's quite a lot of room to engrave, and it is covered up so I won't be walking around with my medical history displayed.

Thanks for your help


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I think you have a few choices here. There are companies who supply medalions or bracelets or even watches where you have an international medical help sign and a registration number so that your details are not displayed. In the event of an accident the contact details are searched and you records displayed. While this may be fine in Europe or North America I doubt it would be of help in the middle of the Nabib desert! I think your list is OK and yes AF is generally understood world wide I think so I would include it.

Just a personal opinion of course.



Most medical providers know to check the wallet or purse if they see a medical alert bracelet or necklace. I wear a red necklace with the international Medic Alert symbol that simply says "Coumadin". That alerts the person that there is a medical condition and they will check my wallet and see my medical card listing my meds, condition and emergency info.


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I have a bracelet from medic alert which has a number for them to contact. you can have what you want on them I have thst I have a pacemaker and the reason I have it. On anticoagulant and thyroxine and my drug allergies. I felt this covered all emergencies and they could see at a glance and then ring for further information if it was needed.

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