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Hi all

just a quick question......I have found a medical tag bracelet that I like and am wondering what to have engraved on it, obviously I would put warfarin on as the first line but would it be sensible to put my hospital number on there or my nhs number or perhaps just my name. Was just trying to think what would be the best way of identifying me if I was unconscious and unable to communicate my medical history.

If anyone is interested in the site I have found it's

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  • Yes this type of ID is invaluable. Plus with me also being Pradaxa. Have made my own ID wallet with all my GP + EP contact on it. Carry these on my person whenever I go out also have one on my car belt. One can never be too sure - heaven forbid!!!


  • hi mags thanks for your quick reply, I do sometimes go out without my handbag so thought that a bracelet would be a good idea but will also take your advice I think as it is difficult to remember all my medication when asked as I found out last friday when I was admitted to hospital unexpectedly.

  • I have one with my name, A.F. , warfarin,flecanide. I was going to put hospital number but decided on date of birth instead but I can't remember why I made that decision! I must admit I feel safer with it on.x

  • I'm sure I will also feel safer, but couldn't think which number to put on there, I dont want to put drugs on there as just in case it gets changed at some point and wasnt sure if I could be identified by my hospital number if I was say in another area of the country, difficult isnt it?

    I have to go to the surgery tomorrow for a blood test and am also going to pick one of those white containers with the green cross on to keep in the fridge (and sticker for the front door) with all my medication details in as a few weeks ago I was carted off by ambulance and luckily my daughter was here and collected my pills up as my husband wouldn't have had a clue what I take or even where they are and cant see a thing without his glasses on and he can never find them....mmmm dont feel safe with just him around...although I have had him for 40 years and am still alive I suppose...haha


  • Always have a list of your meds handy at home should you ever go to hospital you take it with you .if you use your hospital number and date of birth on a bracelet they will be able to get all your info, see my other posting.


  • I haven't come across the green cross stuff. Can you give me some details please?

  • My surgery has them and I think I might have seen them in boots, they are a white plastic bottle with a green cross on them and they come with a sticker you put on the front door, so if you are on your own and have to call for help they know to look for this bottle usually in the fridge (dont know why the fridge) and you can keep all your details like doctor, medication and emergency contact details in there. They are free as far as I know. One of my neighbours was diabetic and had one. When I was in hospital last week I saw someone come in with one with all the details of her conditions and medications on. Much easier than trying to re member when you are feeling really ill.

  • I have the SOS bracelet with AF my name address date of birth my Dr's name & Tel number also name of meds and who to get in touch with. Plus my hospital number

    I wish to be an Organ Donor.


  • Hi biggran,

    A tag with your name, condition AF, treatment Warfarin + others and your CHI No.(NHS No.). Your CHI number identifies you no matter where you are within the UK. Hospital numbers only identify you in that particular hospital and in an emergency could delay getting your medical details, if they had difficulty contacting the hospital. It is important to have Warfarin on it in case of bleeding or requiring an emergency op. Puting "+ others" just lets them know you are also taking other drugs, but as you mentioned, the "others" could change.

    I've often thought it would be a good idea, but haven't done it yet. I suppose I should since I don't always remember to take my "yellow book" with me. Will need to take a look at the website you gave.


  • Hi biggran,

    My tag has my name, contact number, medicines (not amounts) and allergies, NHS number sounds like a good idea, if you don't have any allergies then you might be able to squeeze that in...


  • Oh, and also that I have AF of course. Doh. Our dog has a tag because she has diabetes and it has the vet's number on it. Mine is obviously too small!

  • Hi Eatsalottie

    thanks for your reply, my problem is that I can only have 4 lines engraved so want to get the right info on there. I have an sos bracelet that I have had for some years but they dont look brilliant on do they, thought I would go for something a bit nicer looking. think I will go for AF, warfarin +others (as suggested by farmerwalt) and my nhs number plus my name .

    thanks all for your help x

  • Hi Eatsalottie

    How did your bloods work out yesterday ? are you in spec?

  • I was over Christo! Just - 3.2 but it's still back to the drawing board... They seem to want me to be between 2 and 3. So I have to go back again next week (gahhh) and they have reduced the dose slightly. How are you doing?

  • Eatsalottie.

    I've been feeling awful and fed up with it all. Today is a new day, I feel the best I have felt for a while so maybe I am getting used to this meds... fingers crossed I will be ok tomorrow.

    Pleased your bloods are not to far out, yes between 2 & 3 is where they want me, I'm 2.2 at the moment.

    Take care.


  • I hope everything is beginning to settle down... It does take time. When I started on warfarin I couldn't remember anything, it was a nightmare. Yes, it's not far out, I'm hoping I'll have cracked it next week, I'm glad you're in range. You take care too.


  • Will do Lis

  • How about adding one's blood group? And DNR or the opposite?

  • Hi

    I was going to get a medical alert bracelet because of my pacemaker & the anticoagulant (Rivaroxaban) that I have recently started. My local pharmacist suggested that a card carried in my wallet would be preferable as this is the place medicos look first in case of emergency.

  • Ahhh ... but do you always go out with your wallet? I have my warfarin card and yellow book in my handbag but dont always take it out with me.....and it could take along while for someone to find them in my bag as its a dustbin most of the time like most womens bags!

  • Well you are so right, I was only looking at it from a blokes point of view. Rummaging through a ladies handbag could be vety time consuming.

  • Thank you very much for the web site, have had a look and there is a wrist strap I like, no engraving necessary and spare card that fits inside the strap, waterproof apparently, bonus, so if meds change no probs to change card. Not expensive either. Pill organisers look good also. Thanks again.

  • That sounds good, which one is that, bet thats cheaper than the one I picked out!


    This should take you to the exact page, different colours and sizes for kids and adults. £14.67

  • Oh didnt see those, thats half the price of the one I was looking at, now got to make another decision... thanks for that ♡

  • I have looked at a meditag for some time but my meds are changing all of the time. I did have necklace that had Warfarin on it but lost that. I always carry my latest scripts sheets with all my 15 medicines on. I am also allergic to Iodine/trace. Might be a good idea to put your hospital number on there?

  • The website I put a link on in a previous post has some really nice mens identity type bracelets, sounds like that might be a better idea for you. Its always on you then just incase you dont have your scrip sheets on you or your warfarin card.

  • Just thought tho that there wouldn't be enough room for all your meds but if nhs number on there I guess they could find all your details from that....hopefully, perhaps someone could enlighten us if this is the case

  • I got myself a tag that incorporates a USB connection which can be plugged into a computer, laptop or tablet. I had Warfarin engraved on th outside - but plugged in, your medical details and history are displayed. You can add or amend any of these details whenever you want to. It works very well......hope it continues to if the occasion arises!

  • I have bought myself and a couple of my relatives the Medi Alert pendant. They have them in Silver or Gold and there are a few different shapes. I have a heart shape. you just unscrew the back and there is a list folded into the back and you can record all your relavant medical history on it as well as hospital numbers etc. I have Diabetes as well as being on Digoxin and warfarin for the AF and a number of allergies. Its a really nice day to day piece of jewellery and worth its weight if you are ever in an emergency situation. very reasonably priced as wel . just type in Medi Alert Jewellery in your search bar.

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