Peaceful Night

Just a few more hours and this all may finally be over.

After about 13 years of having my heart run a marathon any time it wants to and feeling like I was hit by a truck afterwards I am feeling very good about the Ablation in 11 hours. They will hook me up to an IV, put in some morphine (or something just as good), say good night and in about 4 to 8 hours I'll wake back up and this may all be just a bad dream. The chance of never having another AFib attack and not having to take rhythm drugs anymore makes me very happy and hopeful about the procedure tomorrow.

All of you on this forum have been very positive and helpful. I won't be able to write tomorrow because I will be in the hospital for 2 days but will try to get back on Tuesday night and let you know how it went.

Thank You all for your support.


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  • Sleep well and stay relaxed as you head to the hospital. We are all hoping for the best possible outcome!

  • Prayers for a wonderful outcome. We will be waiting anxiously to hear from you. I see my EP tomorrow as well to discuss ablation.

  • Thinking of you, wishing you a good outcome from your surgery. I look forward to hearing all about it on Tuesday.

  • Good luck

  • good luck will be thinking about you.x

  • Best thing to have an Ablation. Can understand the feeling in chest - to me it was as though I had been in the ring with Heavyweight boxer! Take things very easy and with care.

  • Good luck hope all goes well.

  • Well I'm back home and it's all over. Everything went really great. I am pretty drugged up and I going too lay down for a while but I'll try and write about it tonight.

    Thank You All for you thoughts and prayers.


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