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My first AF attack came after eating snack foods with MSG (doritos), the second attack was after sundried tomato spread. (sulfur)

Is anyone else paying attention to food additives that may trigger attacks? I've become a student of labels, and now strive to eat whole foods rather than anything processed. Time will tell if this was the only cause -- but, so far, I've had no more episodes of AF.

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Wow! I've never really tied it to food additives, more to the amount of food, or lack of fluids I take in, but that is absolutely something to consider. Processed foods, foods with additives, junk foods in general are something I try to avoid but it is sure worth looking into and keeping track. Good luck if you can pinpoint a single cause that is a trigger for you and avoid more episodes!


Interesting link on food additives, dehydration and alcohol are definitely a trigger. The last two attacks I had recently eaten a new brand cereal bar, I will look up the ingredients! I also had an attack after a curry in a restaurant, could be a link to the MSG? I am okay with home made curry. Aspartame is another no go for me, it is an artificial sweetener and has known side effects on the heart. I will certainly check on the labels from now on, thank you.


I have had AF for over 10 years and I never found a food additive or anything to do with food bought on the attacks. They seemed to be random. Just recently I have found that alcohol is not particularly good for me


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