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Adverse Effects - Yellow Card

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Apixaban is causing my hair to fallout. I have filled in the ‘Yellow Card’ as I feel this should be reported. I was told by my GP that she knew nothing if this but, I have found there are many suffering.

This is the link; please report your problems.

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Anticoagulants cause my hair to break, not actually fall out.

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BobDVolunteer in reply to Buffafly

Agreed. They make hair and nails brittle for some people but whilst my nails need keeping short to avoid splits my barber tells me I still have a fine head of hair which, she tells me, cuts beautifully.

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Buffafly in reply to BobD

🤔 Do I detect a touch of vanity? I have lots of fuzzy short hairs so a very short haircut would be the answer I guess.

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LaceyLady in reply to Buffafly

😳 NO, there was a poor chap who has bald patches. Why would you accept looking bald when it’s the dratted medication with many adverse effects 🤷🏼‍♀️

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BobDVolunteer in reply to Buffafly

All males in my family for several generations have had full heads of hair in their 90s. You are what your parents give you.

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LaceyLady in reply to BobD

This is why when I did a survey it was mainly women who answered and when I targeted gents, I only got a few respond. Unless you had the effect one poor gent had, you'd assume its genetic.

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Auriculaire in reply to BobD

You are what your mother gives you when it comes to baldness for men. If your mother's brother is bald you are very likely to develop baldness.

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BobDVolunteer in reply to Auriculaire

Mother was an only child. Lol 😁

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LaceyLady in reply to BobD

My mother had 8 sisters and one brother!

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LaceyLady in reply to Buffafly

I read an article that today’s it disrupts the growth and shedding.

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Buffafly in reply to LaceyLady

Maybe so for some, only saying it affects me differently - no roots on shed hair so I think it’s just broken and it grows fast. I wanted to put a different perspective because I wouldn’t want people put off taking their meds - if you are sitting in a wheelchair after a massive stroke I don’t think it is much comfort to have a full head of hair 💜

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LaceyLady in reply to Buffafly

I think the true perspective of medications should be given. There are lists of side effects given and this should be on the list. For me, this makes a difference and I can't be the only one, infact I know I'm not. Most of the anticoagulants have this problem. People have the right to know and to make decissions for them selves. I've done the yellow card because it is said Apixaban doesnt have this effect, and it does. It does not make hair break as such, it disrupts the growth and shedding process.

Within a matter of weeks, my hair was coming out in bunches, I did not lose hair is such quantities. Steadily losing hair over the weeks and I can feel a difference and see my scalp more. This is knocking my sense of confidence. I was slapped on the pills without consent in hospital, yeah yeah I know. This was because I now have T2 Diabetes to add to the PAF :(

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Jalia in reply to LaceyLady

I'm glad you posted this as I was considering asking my EP about a switch to Apixaban from Warfarin ( different problem) . I shan't bother now!

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GrannyE in reply to Jalia

Warfarin was dreadful for hair shedding in my case and i was switched to Apixaban which is noticeably less of a problem but it is still a problem. Anyone know of a better blood thinner? I would def switch from warfarin but having said that there are known was of stopping bleeding when on warfarin whereas my doc said that all they can do when apixaban is to make me comfortable when I bleed!

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Tickerprobs in reply to Jalia

Hey Julia...I’m about to do THAT swap over today‼️‼️

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Jalia in reply to Tickerprobs

Will be interested to see how you get on!Good luck !

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Tickerprobs in reply to Jalia

I think I’ll take a few photos...before and after. Knowing my luck, I’ll probably develope MORE hair and look like an orangutan 🦧...Might not be a bad thing actually. 🤪

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Jalia in reply to Tickerprobs

Well just send the photos and we'll let you know ! 😂(Fully clothed of course

🤔 )

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Tickerprobs in reply to Jalia

Yes J...unclothed could set off your AF....I don’t think I could stand the proposal of marriage from all quarters.


Some of these meds can affect blood sugar. When I was on metoprolol my blood sugar was going up. Never had diabetes. No one in my family has had it. It was the metoprolol. Most Drs don't want to hear that these meds can affect people the way they do. And they don't want to be bothered with any other side effects that aren't listed except the common ones. I find most Drs are lazy horses rears. 😒

I’ve suddenly been diagnosed with T2 Diabetes, none in my family either. My glucose figures are odd. I had NO indications, just suddenly. I spent week in hospital. I’m on Metformin & Gliczide

Hey Bel...No need to take it out on the poor old jee jees

I'm sorry. What is a jee jees? I know people in the UK and other countries use different terms for things. I'm in the USA and never heard that. I feel like I offended someone? If I did, sorry. 🙁

Yes Bel...I do realise that you are a relatively recent nation and aren’t up to snuff, when it comes to old adages, unlike us old old campaigners in the UK. When I said jee jees, I was referring to HORSES, of which you hombres have quite a selection.

I was taking note of your description of doctors and the for-mentioned rear ends.

Okay. Got ya. 😂 Yes lots of horses over here. 😣😂

Horses 🤣

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Sewnknit in reply to LaceyLady

It is on the list in the packet - up to 1 in 100. It affected me and I did report it. Female, 65.

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Maggimunro in reply to LaceyLady

Diabetes causes major disruption to capillary circulation of blood near the skin surface. IMO that is much more likely to be the cause of your hair loss.

LaceyLady profile image
LaceyLady in reply to Maggimunro

No I don’t think so. It started within weeks of taking Apixaban. I found a paper saying it disrupts the growth and shedding process.

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beach_bum in reply to LaceyLady

Anticoagulants are listed,,as are many other


LaceyLady profile image
LaceyLady in reply to beach_bum

I found an article on this but Apixaban was a relatively new drug and I deduced not tested on many.

It made my hair fall out too. I'm okay on Xarelto.

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FancyPants54 in reply to kvmj

Now I'm worried! My hair is terrible. Fine as a cobweb when it used to be strong and 3/4 of it gone. But I'm hypothyroid and not doing well on meds so I assumed it was that. I hope it was that as I'm attempting to improve my hypo condition. GPs are useless at it, so I'm increasing my meds myself.

My thyroid may be dicky, my Consultant Cardiologist mentioned I needed it checking. I think the drugs have more effects thanks said . Spoke to my diabetes nurse last evening and I mentor blood tests I want, she said she’d put me down for next month👍🏻

Hello laceyLadyI was prescribed apixaban in 2015 after suffering a TIA. All my life I have have very thick hair, then wham it started falling out in large amounts. I told my GP about this and was told it was nothing to do with the medication.

Now my hair is very thin and whispy and you can see my scalp. I’ve tried all kinds of shampoos and products to no avail. My husband suggested buying a wig, which I didn’t appreciate his humour.

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Polski in reply to angell1950

Have you tried Fulvic Acid Shampoo, and Fulvic Acid Conditioner sold on the internet by 'Victoria Health'? My husband has found them very helpful.

LaceyLady profile image
LaceyLady in reply to Polski

Thanks, I do know of VH. I’ll stick with using the stuff I have and then get some👍🏻

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LaceyLady in reply to angell1950

Please fill in the Yellow card

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kvmj in reply to angell1950

I haven't found a physician yet who is aware of hair loss due to apixaban.

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LaceyLady in reply to kvmj

Well, next time you see him, educate him! I’ve put previous posts here and there are majority of the replies were women!

This is why we should fill in the ‘yellow card’!

Within two weeks of switching from Warfarin to Apixiban my hair started falling out. Caused me so much stress. I have continued taking it for a year now but my hair is much thinner. I always had thick head of hair

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LaceyLady in reply to Nan1

I am beyond unhappy, like you, really thick hair and it causes me so much anxiety and upset. Hair for women is a BIG thing.

I have experienced hair loss, not only with Apixaban, but on all of the anti coagulants including warfarin. I find Dabigatran the worst.

I started on Apixaban 6 years ago. With all of the anticoagulants, after a few months I seem to get a build up and suffer severe nausea.

Currently, I am rotating between Apixaban and Dabigatran. Once the nausea gets bad, I swap.

Regarding hair loss, if you read the leaflet that comes with Apixaban, it does include hair loss as a side effect in 1 in 100 people.

Better that than a stroke.

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LaceyLady in reply to Mrsvemb

Sounds like it’s more people. I didn’t see that on the list. How come Drs are saying it doesn’t!

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Mrsvemb in reply to LaceyLady

Because Dr’s don’t keep themselves up to date with these things. I have tried so many different so called remedies all to no avail and has cost a small fortune. I have a very supportive hair dresser. He says that all you can hope for with these treatments is that it gives your hair more volume. It is not a cure. He cuts my hair in a way that covers the thinner parts.

I use volumising products and try to make the best of what I have.

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Buffafly in reply to Mrsvemb

Drs are not interested in those things! When I asked my GP about effects of a medication she told me flat out to ask a pharmacist ‘because they are the experts’.

LaceyLady profile image
LaceyLady in reply to Buffafly

We can only hope they get personal experience

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beach_bum in reply to Buffafly

Actually, that is correct. A in Canada anyway, is a Doctor who holds a PharmD, which is also a medical doctorate.They work in close collaboration with GPs, specialists,, surgeons etc.

They are what we call experts in their field, and relied upon and consulted exclusively for recommendations advice and the latest advances in medicine.

Pharmacists do not "blindly" fill prescriptions, they will often phone, email or text a doctor to advise on patients concerns, behavioral changes or adverse reactions.

I can only speak for ours, but they are always ready to help with advice, concerns, and consultations, or just chat. Part of their duties is to consult your doctor when questions or issues arise.

Buffafly profile image
Buffafly in reply to beach_bum

Ours is the same. We are offered regular reviews of our medication and are given advice if put on a new one.

beach_bum profile image
beach_bum in reply to Buffafly

I assumed as much. Our family GP (not mistrusted or incompetent like so many I've read about on this forum) will always say "if the pharmacist has anything newer or better that I've missed they will call me."

I’ve been on Apixaban for about 18 months and it has had no discernible effect on my hair which is typically sparse for a 74 year old male.

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LaceyLady in reply to Puzzler46

As majority of tests are male based it could well be a female thing.

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Dee5165 in reply to LaceyLady

I agree. I am a female with the hair loss as well.

Puzzler46 profile image
Puzzler46 in reply to LaceyLady

You could be right. Hope you get it sorted.

How do you know it’s down to apixaban? Hair loss is common with lots of different causes including stress

LaceyLady profile image
LaceyLady in reply to Lucymoo

The rapidity of it happening. I found an article saying that it disrupts the growth and shedding process.

I hardly ever lost much hair and in fact, after child birth, I never lost this much hair.

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Lucymoo in reply to LaceyLady

Sorry to hear that, I’ve not heard of this problem before. Luckily for me it’s not a problem but I appreciate how distressing it could be

This is happening to me too. Am trying black seed oil mixed with coconut oil massaged into the scalp. Anything is worth a try 😔

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GrannyE in reply to Diddyd

Has it helped? I have to be very careful because most shampoos and conditions make my scalp feel as if it is burning.

Diddyd profile image
Diddyd in reply to GrannyE

I am only just starting out so it’s hard to say. Makes your hair lovely and soft and shiney. I mix the two oils together, maybe if sensitive use more coconut oil than black seed. Massage into scalp and hair, leave overnight or min 30mins then wash off with usual shampoo. It can take a couple of months for any product to see a difference so am using that as a guide. I do hope it works as I am fed up of my scalp shining through and getting sunburn on warmer days 🙄

Dee5165 profile image
Dee5165 in reply to Diddyd

Please let us know if the black seed oil and Coconut oil help.

Diddyd profile image
Diddyd in reply to Dee5165

Will try and remember to do so! Can take couple of months to see improvements

GrannyE profile image
GrannyE in reply to Diddyd

We can wait. Look forward to hearing how it turns out. Good luck

I’m using a liquid hair restorer and taking Silica. Bought some Biotin as quite a few swear by that.

I have been on apixaban for four years and not noticed any significant hair loss. However, since the addition of bisoprolol a year ago, I am very distressed at the amount of hair I am losing. It does have a very big impact on confidence and self esteem.

LaceyLady profile image
LaceyLady in reply to Suze43

😳 I’m on Bisoprolol 1.25 per day.

Beta blockers are known to cause this, but I have only read anecdotes of anticoagulants doing so.


No hair loss for me. In fact my hairdresser commented only the other day on how thick it was. Not bad for 70+ female

Apixaban disrupts albumin production, which is an important protein for the body. Some of the printed side effects mention symptoms of liver and kidney damage. You would be forgiven in thinking that, if it causes these, then there's surely damage being done. I've seen the serious damage this medication can cause. It's no doubt ok, if you can tolerate it.

Ive noticed a hair loss but I have put it down to another drug I take for breast cancer - Letrozole which stops all Estrogen production, I have to take it for one more year. I lost my hair 20 years ago after chemotherapy and will be damned if that will happen again! So my regime now is the caffeine shampoos ( Plantur 39, Alpecin and Nioxin ) think they have certainly helped ( hair feels like straw but feels thickish) and I take a high grade Biontin tablet everyday. I keep my hair shortish, use lashings of mousse/ setting spray, have it dyed with non ammonia dye, I wash, brush and style it very gently and use Velcro rollers to give bounce instead of blow drying. I also use pure mulberry silk pillowcases! I have my eyebrows tattooed and use brow and eyelash serums every night! So far so good! I’m not giving up without a fight…. I take Apixiban, Lipitor, Sotalol and Letrozole

LaceyLady profile image
LaceyLady in reply to HelenClare

My sympathies xxxx Well done xx I've the Alpecin liquid and shampoo, only just used the shampoo yesterday. I'd already bought some specialist shampoo and conditioner for hair condition, so have a right stock! 'm taking Silica and have Biotin on order. I already use a hair oil to detangle, which is lovely, only use a touch. A friend said 'don't worry, you can buy a wig'!!

But please people, fill in the Yellow Card so that this side effect go's on the record

Will fill in the yellow card- anything to help research etc. The Biontin has certainly helped my nails! A little bit of good news for a change.

My hair has thinned a lot since going on Apixaban. But even worse it makes me itch. I am sure of this now as I have just been off it for the 2nd time for an op . Both times itching reduced and then came back on restarting.

Ooow, sorry to hear that, terrible, I couldn’t put up with the itching. Report to yellow card, it should be recorded.

Our system of pharmacovigilance here in France is an obstacle course. I tried to report my reaction to Cipro years ago and gave up it was so difficult. The itching is a known side effect. It's mainly round my calves feet and ankles. I remember someone on here saying he got it on one side of his back.

Interesting, the blood has a difficult return from the feet and ankles. Have you tried using a foot roller to stimulate the circulation or one of the electronic devices?

What sort of devices?

A foot stimulation device

A foot stimulation device by REVITIVE

Thanks. Never seen one of these before. Does it work through reflexology principles?

It will stimulate the acu-points and reflexology areas. I’ve just used it 😊 My husband tends to monopolise it and I forget to use it 🙄 Typical therapist 🙄

The blood has difficulty returning to the heart from the feet. I am a qualified Reflexologist with other therapies.

UpdateSpoke to my diabetes nurse yesterday and she said Apixaban does cause hair loss!

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bantam12 in reply to LaceyLady

In a trial 107,012 people reported side effects, 1,017 of those was hair loss so obviously not an issue for the majority.I've been on Apixaban for 2 years and not noticed any extra problems, I do have very fine hair but that's due to being hypothyroid.

LaceyLady profile image
LaceyLady in reply to bantam12

How many in this trial were women?

bantam12 profile image
bantam12 in reply to LaceyLady

For the study details you need to pay.

Even of they were evenly balanced sex wise it is highly unlikely the side effects would be reported taking sex differences into account. This just does not happen in most clinical trials which is why we get lumped on the same doses as men and brushed off when we complain about side effects.

Women experience heart attacks differently and that’s why many women have bee dying! Fobbed off saying indigestion etc

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