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I have been prescribed with Ametriptyline 10mg for occipital neuralgia. I would like to find out if anyone has taken this medicine and if you experienced any side effects?

Thank you.

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I don't know whether you are aware, but you have posted your question on a site for people with abnormal heart rates. There may be someone on here who has occipital neuralgia the same as you, but you may get a better response by posting on a forum dedicated to that. I would do a search on the internet for occipital neuralgia.

Wishing you well.


Hi Ronz,

I see from your profile you also have Atrial Fibullation which is the same as myself.

I also have another condition which necessities pain relief..My GP recently put me on Amertrypaline which works at relief on nerve ends.

Firstly I could not tolerate the side effects which for me was nausea and drowsiness and secondly it is contraindicated to our particular heart condition which my GP have overlooked but I let him off on that one...(he can't be right all of the time)

Hope you find relief from occipital or cranial neuralgia soon.


Hi Ronz11,

I have taken this for pain relief without any real side effects - maybe a little more drowsy at night. It can take several weeks before you start feeling the benefit. I also have AF.

Take care


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Kingsley09 in reply to Marion62

How much do you take a day please my dr has said try 20 mg as 10 mg isn’t strong enough for my nerve pain but another dr said I shouldn’t go above 10 mg I would like to hear from anyone who is taking 20 mg with afib and is ok

I have been on 10m amitryptiline for many years. I was taken off it when AF was diagnosed but after a few weeks was put back on it because of pain. I would not be without it and cannot remember any side effects. Would recommend it for the pain if your doctor has prescribed it for you. Good luck I am sure it will be okay.

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Kingsley09 in reply to mavisrich

I have a fib am taking 10mg amitriptyline for pain relief I would like to up it as 10mg isn't working to well I want to take 20mg have you taken as much as that and has your afib been ok

I took it for years, for arthritic neck problem, worked brilliant .I had to take it at night cos it made me very sleepy . I had to come of it 2 years ago because of a heart problem. So I don't sleep which is a do know it is also used as a antidepressant.

Thank you for all the feedback. I appreciate it. The Consultant was aware of my AF and pacemaker implant and ablation.

Many thanks!

Hello - I take Amitriptyline for arthritis - only when necessary. Since I have been on Warfarin, Bisoprolol and Ramipril I had thought I would not be able to continue, but the Doctor assures me that I could continue safely. An added benefit is that it helps me to have a sound sleep at night which is always better for anyone with medical problems.

However when I had a toenail infection and was precribed treatment for that, I had to stop taking Amitriptyline until I had completed the treatment. So I have found it to be beneficial and hope you find the same.

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ronz11 in reply to ruuthmo

Hi ruuthmo. Thank you for your feedback. I am also currently on Bisoprolol and Warfarin plus Perindropil. The Consultant who prescribed me the Amitriptyline was aware of my condition and it was the same hospital I was where I had my pacemaker implant and ablation.

I have only started Amitriptyline last night. So far, the side effect was that I was very sleepy this morning. I hope in time I will see the benefit of this medicine as I was apprehensive to take it last night.

Best wishes,


A friend benefits from Amitriptyline for neuralgia, though it takes time for the effect to be felt. I have beeen prescribed it for nerve pain from another condition, without side effects (but another drug was found to help me more). I don't think you need to fear it...

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ronz11 in reply to hobbledehoye

Thank you hobbledehoy.

I took it for a while. For me the emphasis was on the "trip"! I was totally spaced out on it which wasn't something that worked for me as my job was quite demanding mentally. Can't remember the dose I was on but it was quite low. YMMV - some might enjoy the trip :-)

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ronz11 in reply to StuartR1953


I have a.f, had an ablation in 2013, (using a local anaesthetic!!! ) brutal procedure; and am having what's called an a f carto ablation, under general anaesthtic this coming Thursday, ( 11/10 18 ). I too have chronic pain, bilateral bursitis, and severe deterioration in my lumbar spine. I was mega depressed in 2013, however, now manage not to get panicked by my deteriorating health. I was a nursing sister English trained, for decades, so I know too much, not always a good thing. I urge anyone who visits their health care professional, to ask questions, understand the treatment and the side effects. We are entitled to know what's happening with our bodies. Best wishes to all who read this. Ess

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