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Atenolol 25 mg strange burning in chest.


Atenolol 25mg....

Only been on it 5 days so far for ' Angina ' symptoms...

They tried me on bisoprolol first, that put me into anaphylactic shock for over 3 hours....

Now I've been on the Atenolol for the past 4 days, the only thing I've noticed which isn't pleasant at all is....

Something feels like its travelling up my right hand side then spreads across my chest burning and can feel it moving.???.

Anybody else experienced this?.

Thanks in advance


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Sorry no have not had that symptom

Owing to AFib was on Bisoprolol 1.25mg for 8 days and I did have upper chest and arm pain plus massive tiredness and other issues so I stopped it.

My GP swapped me to Atenolol 25mg which was better but still very tired so I did 14 days on that and stopped it.

My GP decided I did not tolerate beta blockers at that point and put me on Verapamil a calcium channel blocker which at the time worked for me with no side effects.

Maybe worth enquiring with your medics as to whether you could be similarly intolerant of beta blockers.

Leonnh2007 in reply to KMRobbo

😊, Thankyou so much for your reply. 👍

Been on Atenolol 50mg for 25years, after being on 25mg for a few years before that, but have never had that symptom. Have a chat with your GP about it. Could something maybe have caused it, or are you sure it’s the Atenolol?

Cha275rL in reply to Cha275rL

Meant to say ‘could something else maybe have caused it’.

Leonnh2007 in reply to Cha275rL

Thankyou for replying....Ive had lansoprazole prescribed and it seems to of lessened it... just wondering if its possibly acid reflux?.

Cha275rL in reply to Leonnh2007

Could possibly be. My husband takes lansoprazole for acid reflux, and he just said he had similar feelings in his chest ( but not the arm) to what you described, before he started taking it. Fingers crossed.

Leonnh2007 in reply to Cha275rL

Thankyou so much. Keep well ❤👍

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