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Chest pain before and after Cryoablation


Hi, I had my Cryoablation 5 weeks ago. Since I felt Afib from about 3 years ago I always felt a pain starting in the centre of my chest towards my left arm pit.

The cardiologist always suggested that this pain had nothing to do with my AF, but my GP said it would probably be related and once Ablation was done the will disappear.

Well it has not gone away, was much severe immediately after the Ablation for 3 to 4 days and then returned to normal, behind a constant mild pain in the middle of my chest with irregular sharp pain towards my left arm pit.

Anyone out there have any suggestions or experiences like mine?

At the moment I am behind referred to go and see a gastroenterologist. Is this the right way forward?

Thanks for any interest and or help.


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I have the same symptoms as that, and ended up having a stent fitted and another 2 arteries unblocked, because the doctors said they didn't warrant more stents. I now have been diagnosed with angina. It still gets me worried, particularly when it starts up in the middle of the night. The trouble began nearly 2 years before an ablation in 2013, and has lasted since, but is controlled with medication. Why not try telling your GP that? It may help. Take care. Dave.

I sounds to me like u might have a hiatus hernia...but l'm no doctor

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