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Post ablation quitting beta blocker


I saw my EP yesterday, 9 months post my first ablation. I've had a couple of minor episodes which responded to Fleccainide (PIP). I continued on low dose beta blocker (Carvedilol) until now, and received the ok to discontinue it. I'm feeling a bit like a youngster getting her training wheels off the bike!

I've dropped over 35 pounds since the ablation & exercise regularly. At 70, I'm feeling fairly optimistic, and hopeful that I may have some more energy once my heart rate gets back up to the 60's!! I still have some ectopic beats occasionally & will be watching for any increase in that.

Cheers to All from SoCal - I'm a real fan of this group!! You all have helped me have a healthy perspective on this "mongrel" health issue we share. Susan Marie

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It’s really good to hear that the lifestyle changes you achieved have obviously helped you recover, well done! Long may NSR continue. Best wishes

Great result on the weight.

I'm 12 weeks post 5th ablation. I dropped the flecanaide at 8 weeks due to a flutter episode lasting 30-odd hours which was exacerbated when I increased the dose as my "pill in the pocket" - when I omitted the dose it resolved. This is because there is an area causing flutter of unknown significance on the right atrium and flecanide is believed to make it worse. I'm confident it wasn't AF and have had no problems since.

I've remained on Bisoprolol 10mg for the last 12 weeks, after being on it most of the last 12 months. Primarily for a bit of protection in going back to work, exerting and being more active. It's maintaining my resting HR at 60-65 most times I check, rising to 90 on mild exertion.

EP said it was up to me when I discontinued tablets post surgery, in previous instances we have weaned me off bisoprolol over 4 months (to 5mg for a month, 2.5 for a month, 1.25 for a month) and this is something I will probably do again when I see him in June.

Let us know how things go in June! Good luck for an "uneventful" life!! :-)


Another good news story. Well done.

Great wishes.....

Well your fifth ablation and I’m all freaked out on my first ablation coming up in January I’m glad you’re doing well take care God bless. 🙏🏼

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