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Follow up appointment with Cardiologist


Hi, just wondering how long most people are having to wait for a follow-up after a second cardioversion? Here in the East Midlands, I was told that I would be seen after 4 months. The Cardioversion took place the middle of September. They know it was unsuccessful because following the procedure I was admitted for several days following complications. I reverted back to persistent AF. Whilst in hospital I was advised by several cardiologists that an ablation would be the next thing to be offered. However they do not do it at that hospital so I would need to choose one of 2 local hospitals that do. I am still waiting for the 4 month follow up. I did phone the medical Secretary in December and was told January. I phoned middle of February, was told she was on holiday. However they were very busy and I was on the list for appointments. Three weeks ago I saw my GP he said he would send an urgent request for me as my condition has changed. Which it has. He has also referred me for an echocardiogram urgently. Is this a way of keeping waiting lists down, as I am still waiting to be put on one. Grrrrr. Any ideas how to hurry them u

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I feel your pain Ele ;-)

It`s exactly what has happened to me. I live in Staffs - just up the way from you. Trying to get past the secretary can be a nightmare. I`m one of the most laid back people you could ever meet. However when your health's at stake it`s important to get moving. There are many missed 'follows ups' in the NHS. The advice I give is this - keep on following things up.

Just a thought as everyone is different. Would it be worth you asking for another CV and being put on flec ? The flecaincide is good at helping a-fib and might help you stay in sinus after another CV.

Worth a mention to your doc.



Some members have found that the PALS at their hospital have been able to help in situations like these.

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Thankyou, for your advice Oyster. I was wondering whether to phone the medical Secretary next week and after I have spoken to her, then to phone PALS. I know how hard pushed they are in the health service but this seems to be far to long to be in symptomatic persistent AF. Your message Paulbounce also conf these thoughts. Like you I am very laidback and I try to was it patiently for my turn. You are right about my health being at steak. I shall be more proactive next week.

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if your GP is chasing it that should help. Keep ringing the hospital though find out where you are on the WL and ask for a time frame. Assuming you can, say you can take a short notice cancellation and make sure they have the right contact details for you.

Even f the sec is on holiday someone can look you up on the system to see they have all the info.

good luck,

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I will try that, I will speak to the medical Secretary on Monday if she is in.

I'd imagine one of those 2 options is Glenfield in Leicester. I was going to be referred here until I said I didn't know Leicester at all and would rather be referred to Manchester where my family were and therefore have a better support network.

It is up to the patient where the intial referral goes to as far as I'm aware.

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