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Follow up with local Cardiologist


8 weeks post local admission for "Atrial Flutter of unknown significance / fast PAF" and just over 3 weeka post 5th ablation.

Nothing of any significance.

They couldn't find my casenotes so didn't have any history beyond December last year.

It was the registrar clinic not the consultant.

He had no idea I'd had a recent ablation.

He didn't have a copy of the ECG they'd asked my GP to arrange (which I had 4 weeka ago)

He sent me for an ECG today. A Healthcare assistant sent me to the wrong place.

The clinical measurement tech moaned at me about being sent to the wrong place. I moaned back because it wasn't my fault as I had asked where to go.

She asked me how I'd managed to get five ablation when her friend had one that didn't work and was struggling to get a second. I told her I was debilitated and very symptomatic, she asked in what way (as if fishing for clues to help her friend known what to say/present with. She moaned again about me being in the wrong place after I thanked her.... I told her it was my anniversary so id sooner not be in any place but home but there we go.

ECG appeared fine. Registrar isn't changing any meds.... allowing my EP to lead as expected. They will see me again in 9 months.

An interesting 90 minutes in clinic anyway!

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Grrrrrrrrr! How frustrating. On the plus side at least your ECG was ok...... Happy Anniversary.


Good that the ECG was OK.

Enjoy the rest of your day :-)

Happy Anniversary!


I didn't like that Jed ' Nurse who was obviously surreptitiously trying to find out about your symptoms to pass on to friend...I would have been tempted to have fed her a ' Red Herring"...

I could think of plenty but not appropriate to put on here...


in reply to Hidden

I did think that.... something embarrassing like increased and sudden erections due to abnormal blood flow.

Oh brilliant! You should have!!


Exactly my line of thought also...l could add a bit to that but on second thoughts better not!

Sure, if you didn’t laugh, you’d cry. So glad the ECG is good.

Sounds like fun! Glad to see you are in NSR. Let’s hope it stays that way Jedi.

That nurse sounds such a caring person NOT

Interesting visit!!! We are in safe hands (?????!!) keep on trucking Jedi xx

In other news, I was back in ED tonight. Kidney stones!!!! Seems like I'm never out of hospital.

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