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Mitral valve repair

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Thought i would share this for those with this problem and possibly not getting help.

A friend in Canada with Afib for a few years has just had a mitral valve clipped...with 2 clips... due to severe regurgitation. It was done via the groin and seems to have been successful in that she has more energy than previously....had been dragging herself around for years.Not seen this procedure appear on our site and wonder if it happens in the uk?

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Here’s a minimally invasive approach through the chest

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thanks oyster. However, through the groin sounds preferable and less traumatic.Apparently an similar technique is used as that to close a hole in the heart ....i.e pushing up the' attachments 'through the groin on 'a line' although the mitral valve clipping op. takes longer as does the recovery time.i may not have got this perfectly right but as i understood it from the friends husband this is more or less what happened.

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This mentions 3 hospitals in UK doing MitraClip

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I got very excited reading this Oyster until I got to the bit which said it's not suitable for people who had radiotherapy.


I am due further surgery on the Mitral valve and the thought of going through it all again leaves me cold. It took me 7 months to recover last time!

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it might be worth asking your surgeon whether Mitraclip is an option when you have already had mitral valve surgery. I think it is usually an alternative. I can’t see the bit about radiotherapy induced heart valve disease being a contra indication, but since you have had previous valve surgery, that presumably does not apply now.

My elderly neighbour had a repeat mitral valve repair done this way 3 months ago in Papworth.

Yes it is available. I was potentially going to need it but after recent stress tests they decided my valve should just about outlive the rest of me.

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Well, glad to hear you did not need the op. after all.My own heart sinks at the mention of any surgery.

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