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First real bout of AF after ablation

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Hi all,

Happy New Year to you all, hope it was a good one....

I’ve been quiet lately, as some of you may know i had cancer straight after recovering from my ablation, but i am doing well and even managed to get out on the bike recently a few times. My ticker did it’s job and returned to a resting rate quicker than i expected, so all good.

Last night though i got home after a fairly stressful day and suddenly felt the quivering in my chest and took my Kardia and it showed i was in AF, but thankfully it only lasted a couple of minutes then dropped back to 60bpm. Not pleasant, but could’ve been way worse.

But I have come to hardly fear it now, especially as it doesn’t last long, i’m on blood thinners, so the risks are minimal as far as I am concerned. I’ve sent the reading to the arrhythmia nurses, who are good at getting back to me. But i have to say today i feel wiped out, even though it was a short bout.

I think the secret is not to let your fear rule you, when it’s your time it’s your time. I chose to live my life fully and make it like every day is my last.

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Happy new year to you too. Pleased things are improving with your health overall. Stress you mentioned will not have helped your af. Pleased it didnt last too long and you can manage the fear as you mentioned.

I had an nasty episode in the night into New Year's Eve ending up in hospital and although it wasn't one of my very worst I still feel wiped out from it. It seems to throw the system into overdrive and leaves us drained for some time. Feel as though I have been knocked for six and am still heart aware, so hope it settles for us both very soon. Take care and I hope your heart settles nicely and you feel better soon. I know the mind plays a big part in recovery and anxiety keeps us down pleased you feel in control of that aspect. Be well.

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Gowers in reply to meadfoot

Your right - af leaves you feeling wiped out, weak and for me feeling quite sick for hours afterward. Anxiety doesn't help but, s.times when you know it has started it is difficult not to get anxious. May I ask what treatment you were given at the hospital? (My cardiologist said it is sometimes Amidrone through a drip)

I think you are right, a big part of any condition/illness is about managing the stress that comes with it.. Sounds like you've been through the grinder but hats off to you for choosing to give the middle finger to it all. Best wishes to you and yours and I sincerely hope 2019 turns out to be a great year for you 👍

Hang in there! My tai-chi friend had 8 cardioversions & 3 ablations & touch wood has been ok for 2 years & feels good, all the best

Thinking of you x keep strong x

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