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Hi ... one year ago l had my lipid panel tests done ... the numbers were fantastic ... cholesterol 167, ratio 2.7 ... yet my gp wanted the good cholesterol number even lower. So, l decided to give up red meat, wine ... because of afib ... butter ... most eggs ... etc. l went for my test this year and everything had gone UP!! Cholesterol 217, ratio 3.1. Why?? I read that the liver makes more cholesterol if it isn’t getting enough?? No wine possibly?? I haven’t spoken with my cardiologist as of yet. Should l be worried? I don’t understand why it went up. Any ideas?

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This is a summary of what my cardiologist said.

“If you have any evidence of vascular disease, you should take a statin, irrespective of your lipid numbers. The statin acts as an anti inflammatory. Your lipid numbers will fall as a side effect of the statin. Eat a balanced diet with organic non processed foods and avoid preservatives. There is no need to restrict animal fats.”

It seems that advice on cutting down on animal fats, that dates from the 1970s, was based on unsound research data.

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I am 65, have done many good lifestyle changes, diet, wt loss, etc. My high cholesterol went higher inspite of my glorious efforts. My doc explained it " wasnt my fault", that there are people who it is genetics and I seem to be one of them. Against my better judgement, I agreed to take a statin drug 5 months ago. My cholesterol dropped like a rock. After researching this controversial subject, Ive decided to stay on it more for its anti- inflammatory effect as my inflammation blood test( CRP) is also high. I believe a statin will help with the inflammation which will in turn help with the a fib. Im about 40 lb from a normal weight, when I reach my goals, I will probably try and get rid of the statin, but for now, we are unlikely bedfellows😆

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Thank you so very much! Comforting!

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I dont think there is enough information about "potential" side affects of statins, after my last blood test looking at liver function the first thing my Dr. asked was am I taking a statin as it "can" reduce liver function by locking up beta blockers within.

Besides affecting muscle mass in my ancient frame its been a total murphys law for me - what can go wrong will go wrong.

My records have a note that the ratio should be under 5, so I would not be worrying about a ratio of 3.1, even if you think it should have gone down and it is up. Relax, perhaps and see what it is next year.

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Thank you ... so much ... your words are comforting! 😚

Don't get me started.........!!

I think Bagrat is thinking what I am thinking. I will say just 3 things, the regular medics have no nutritional training and are fed 'knowledge' from Big Pharma. What is the correct food takes up a lot of time to establish and even when established you then have to source it on a regular basis (not from supermarkets). Buy direct from a farm you trust and break the habit of looking for the cheapest, expect to pay double for the right quality e.g. in South East England Oh and a fourth thing high cholesterol is not bad, I believe 80% is produced by our body not from food and for a reason. I have had a cholesterol over 7 for 20+ years, eat a full fat organic diet and my level recently dropped to 5.7; my heart and carotid arteries were scanned as part of AF tests 3 years ago and all were clear.

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Thank you!!

This whole subject is so confusing but, I tend to go with secondtry 's view. I agree medics have little nutritional training(I read it in a post a Doctor did) and Big Pharma wants to make money.

My cholesterol has been 6,4 when I first checked it when I was 24. It has stayed like that most of my life.

When my arteries were checked a few years ago they were "clean"

Because of my heart history, I watch what I eat, not overweight, fit and healthy.

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Thanks Janco good to know your 'clear' results.

I dont believe the great cholesterol lie to sell more statins. It used to be 300 was a healthy number, but alas sales were slow for the pill pushers. Our bodies need CHL to survive.

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