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Good news

Been away awhile as my social media addictions were getting out of control. This week is my 3 yr anniversary of my relationship with a fib( paroxysmal)). Ive been on and off flecainide, from daily to " as needed" as PIP. I finally convinced my doc to run an event monitor on me for 30 days to prove ( to me) whether I was having any undetected a fib, as I didnt think I have had any since last spring. Im happy to report the monitor showed no a fib at all!!! I know that can " change in a heart beat", lol... but Im really happy to say in 3 yr the a fib has been less frequent, not progressive. Fingers crossed it continues, maybe a fib will forget my address😉

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🤗 wow Hoski what a heart warming post. Such a brilliant early Christmas present for you. Long may it continue. Can you ask Santa if he can spread that gift to us all maybe 🤔

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I will talk to Santa, erradicate a fib through out the world👍🏻🌟

That gives me optimism as I approach my three months since ablation and seeing my Cardiologist for review this afternoon. Clear of afib since the Cardioversion but the ectopics and the cold sweats and the almost constant anxiety are somewhat taking their toll but your post gives a positive message we can all hold onto.

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Trying to get rid of the anxiety is huge. Time helped me alot.

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