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Af attack


Hi I have been overly aware of my heartbeat today and just taken pulse and it is going 56/44 for a few seconds to 56. I am on bisopolol which is why I am guessing it is keeping low.

Trying to keep calm but feeling concerned, will it settle down or do I need to get a emergency appointment at gp.

Must say I was taken off rivaroxiban and wondering if I should take one.

Thank you Deb

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I find that there are (2) ways for (me) to handle this situation. If it is an out of bed episode, then I tend to up my activity level ie keep yourself busy or working/walking around your home/neighbourhood to alter my HB/BP upwards. The change can bring it back to normal without you even realising it. If I am in bed then I relax right the way through to my finger tips, remembering to breath a little bit deeper at the same time, in turn accepting the situation, as opposed to getting up tight/panicking. As you say "Trying to stay calm" (that's good) - you will know when to be (really)'ve been there before 😉

Deb1838 in reply to john6

Thank you John. I am at work and unfortunately I have a terrible habit of self destruction by working myself into a frenzy.

I have just been talking to a colleague and I had forgotten about it. I need to stop tuning into it and take my mind off it. I am walking home tonight which is about 40 mins hopefully that might do the job.

john6 in reply to Deb1838

Being in work is a little bit awkward/difficult to do what I have suggested.

Another suggestion if I may; As much as an (ice cold) drink has started my (Afib) off - it has also stopped it! I used to take a (frozen) plastic bottle of water to work, wrapped in a small towel for insulation. Throughout the course of the day it used to melt leaving iced water available. Sipping (not gulping) has often rectified the episode.

Deb1838 in reply to john6

I will bear that in mind, I walked home quite fast and fingers crossed 🤞 seems to have worked, I was able to take bp and it read it fine. Thank you for listening and advice.

2468abcmuk in reply to john6

Not medically trained but on bisoprolo 7 mg heat rate at rest 42 ish and BP 99/ 60

On average as long as you are not feeling light headed and faint then I was told it’s


I would say those rates at rest are unremarkable with beta blockers and acceptable if you have no physical symptoms. Worth discussing with GP as to whether Bisoprolol dose should be reduced.

Deb1838 in reply to Badger2021

Thank you oyster, is it possible that heart rate could go to low and go into afib.

I do wonder if I need to cut down on dose. I currently take 5 mg of bisopolol but my heart rate is usually low between 46 and 52.

Think I will go to gp, unfortunately hospital discharged me back to Doctors but gp doesnt like changing anything.

I am also diabetic so that seems to be another complication.

Thank you for taking the time to answer

Badger2021 in reply to Deb1838

I have not heard of that happening. There are plenty here with rates like that who manage just fine, others feel tired and have low BP from the Bisoprolol.

Deb1838 in reply to Badger2021

I have got used to feeling like a zombie my bp was 107/64 with pulse 64 after walking home and stripping the beds

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