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Short Fast Beats


Hi everyone, have been AF free for the last 15 months since my second ablation, it’s been great not to give it a second thought but over the last month I’ve had the strangest thing happen in that I was sitting quietly watching tv when all of a sudden my heart jumped and beat very very fast for about 10 seconds and then return to normal. This has happened twice now and each time it feels just like I’m going into AF. Has anyone else had this? I just hope it’s not the dreaded AF on its way back 😕

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I haven't had AF for ten years now since my last ablation but always admit that I do get other arrhythmias and this is one such. That and ectopics. The tachycardia sometimes starts when I wake up, roll onto my back and stretch. I often have to use the Valsalva manoeuvre to stop it but sometimes stops on its own. I can go weeks without it or occasionally have it two or three times a week. I suspect it is atrial tachycardia as on two occasions in the last ten years I have had DCCVs to stop such an arrhythmia. Yes it can be alarming but important not to become focussed or obsessed which only serves to promote worry . As one leading doctor once told me" if it doesn't last more than 30 seconds it doesn't need a name."

jeanjeannie50 in reply to BobD

It's good to hear that leading doctor's quote Bob, thank you for sharing. Knowing that will bring a sigh of relief to lots of people here.


Nanabrodie in reply to BobD

Thank you Bob that’s very reassuring.


Yes I get this quite a bit and quite out of the blue . Mine normally last longer though.....30 mins to 4/5 hours . Rate is usually up to 130 ish. If it's alot higher I often slip into AF. This is the only time I bring my Kardia app into play...i like to keep a record and see if I can find a common denominator involved. I can go weeks without any and must admit that there is sometimes a bit of stress in the equation. Like yourself it often happens when sitting quietly minding my own business !


Nanabrodie in reply to Hidden

I too have a Kardia, if it was to last longer I would definitely take a reading. Thank you for your reply.

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