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IBS and AF


Hello! I am having IBS and among others was prescribed Milosec (Omeprazole). Took it last night and about an hour or so my heart started waltzing. I was scared that it’s gonna bring me to full blown AF. Kardia says possible AF and about half an hour later after resting and relaxing I was in NSR again. Am just wondering if anyone here with AF has a similar experience? Could it be just the Omeprazole or its interaction with our AF meds. I am on Flacinade and Bisoporol for PAF. Thanks everyone.

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I was also prescribed PPI as I also take a drug which causes GI problems. I took it for 3 days, immediately read up on them and then trashed them. For the life of me I can’t see how they would help IBS - but I am very biased against them.

I’ve had IBS, ulcerative colitis and other GI tract conditions since 1969 and I am now mostly symptom free purely by controlling my eating, good nutrition, Stress Management and sleep. I am currently doing a course in the Brain : Gut connection and would strongly recommend you see someone such as a Nutritionist or a Doctor with special training in Lifestyle Medicine who will treat you, not just your symptoms.

A few tips - drink warm water with a small slice of lemon in it before and after eating. Keep meals small and frequent. If your symptoms are active keep a food journal - write down in one column every single thing you eat and in another column record your mood and in a third column record your physical symptoms. You can also download an app to do this which will help. You are looking for foods that consistently give you symptoms so you can then completely eliminate them from your eating plan.

Hope that helps CD

SpritzerAce in reply to CDreamer

Thanks CD. Will get an appointment with a Nutritionist ASAP. Really appreciate your sharing the experience.

I developed diarrhoea soon after starting a ppi after ablation. I was told to stop and use Ranitidine instead but I developed diverticulitis, ended up in hospital and they treated me as infectious because I had been at another hospital (apparently ppi s allow bad gut bugs to flourish 👹) in a way it did me a favour because I didn't know I had diverticular disease before that and no one would take my symptoms seriously because I had IBS.

Keeping a diary is good advice, just remember symptoms may not show up until well after eating something troublesome. I have discovered several food intolerances and one thing I avoid like the plague is wholemeal. The NHS guidance on IBS is very good and does mention that. Horrible complaint and linked to AF I am sure. Best wishes.

SpritzerAce in reply to Buffafly


I have been urged to go back on ppis for a gastric problem. I was really against it as my arrhythmias have been less since I stopped them a few years ago and switched to ranitidine. However ranitidine has stopped working so I have reluctantly had ppis for a week now and although they have eased my acid reflux my chest aches are back big style.

I truly don't like ppis and am considering binning them. I only gave in as my severe acid reflux was in danger of damaging my Oesophagus. If I could find a better way of quelling my acid reflux I would never take another ppi dose again. Just my personal experience.

CDreamer in reply to meadfoot

That’s horrible. I do feel for you as the pain is dreadful. I found liquid Gaviscon - the strong one - helps but doesn’t prevent & they come in handy 1 dose sachets as well as large bottle for carrying around when eating out. You can ask for it on prescription.

meadfoot in reply to CDreamer

Thank you. I wondered about getting it on prescription, I find gaviscon doesn't bring the chest pain like ppis do. I have today's ppi staring at me from my side table and I am glaring back at it currently lol. On a serious note I have done a food diary but not thought about my mood as part of it. I now know that tomatoes and eggs are no nos for me in particular and have removed them from my diet. I really want to see a nutritionist. I have had so many tests, scans and the like and been offered a Fundoplication op which i truly don't like the sound of especially after effects wise. I had my gall bladder out earlier this year yet another so called cure for my abdo and chest pains all to no avail other than to now cause me bowel issues which I didn't have before.

It's so difficult as it feels as though it's cardiac but my EP says not. These ppis are bad boys and certainly contributed to my arrhythmia episodes as they lessened when I stopped them. Hope you are feeling well and your good efforts to improve your health with life style, mindfulness and stress management etc is paying dividends.

I have been struggling with bloating and discomfort for some time and reluctant to start down the meds route. Small meals etc has helped and avoiding various foods but the break through for me is discover kefir. I have now started making my own. It is the miracle food for me.

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