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83 years old, living near Adelaide and due for second ablation this week


Just a reminder that Mogold7tamm who posted 2 days ago is having a second ablation under GA in 2 days.

She sounds to be a remarkable lady but her health is not so good now. She lives alone near Adelaide, out of town, with no prospect of family support.

Just thought we could offer some moral support, not that she has asked for it!

Does anyone know of someone of this age having an ablation in the UK?

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Hi Oyster. Just dropped the lady a little note. She sounds quite an inspiration. Good luck to her ☘

I spent my 82nd birthday in hospital having my ablation. 2 and a half years later I have been discharged completely not even follow ups from now on.

Badger2021 in reply to Enjoy

Hello Enjoy

Thank you for getting back to me. I have looked back at some of your old posts. You self describe as “a real oldie” but you don’t sound like the stereotype of one.

Inspirational stories like yours remind us all of what is possible and that age by itself is not automatically a bar to invasive procedures or surgery. Decision making is made more difficult by the relative lack of data about outcomes in the older age groups.

There is always a need for pioneers 🤔.

Hi, Oyster, you are a sweetie! I'm in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia, most of the posts are from the U.K, Tamla has also been supportive. It does make a difference. I'm still wobbly, but only one day post op from a 3+ hour procedure, so doing well considering. Sent Tamla a mega post which will take days to read.! Wish I had the skill to show some of the toys I knit, but don't have the knowledge of how to upload. Kind regards, Shirley.

Good morning from the UK, Shirley. I hope they are going to allow you an extended stay in hospital to recuperate. Is staying with your son after discharge an option?

Please keep us posted here in the main forum as well, when you have the energy. My instinct is that with you being of the generation that grew up in 1940s England (? London), you are well placed to deal with your latest challenge. 🙂

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