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Surgery over, no a fib

Just quick note, no reply needed. Just had breast biopsy, second surgery under general anesthesia in less that 2 wk. My biggest fear was stirring up

afib. Happy to report I’ve stayed in sinus rhythm!!! Thankyou for your thoughts and prayers. Happy heart, happy life!

Update: 9/27/18 breast biopsy showed no cancer🌟; heart remains in normal rhythm after 3 stressful, painful, anxious weeks!!! My confidence level is over the moon re heart behavior. Im going to drop my other 40 lb and celebrate better health everyday💜

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I’m just sending you a big ole hug anyway! 🌸

in reply to Aprilbday

Hug received and very appreciated! Thankyou💜

That’s great news and my fingers are crossed that you’ll have more good news with the biopsy results 🤞🏻

in reply to Kaz747

Yes, me too! Will be hoping for good news

Sending you virtual hugs 🤗

That’s great news, Hoski! So happy to hear that it went well! 💕🎉👏🏻👍🏻😊😻

That's really good to hear.

That’s good news. I hope your results are okay as well. I had fine needle aspiration in the breast clinic on Thursday. The wait for results is awful! I wish you the best of luck.

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Best wishes for us both!

Sending love and support 💕🙏

Glad you stayed in normal rhythm Hoski, good luck with the biopsy as well. Take care x

Oh my that must be a relief, phew. Hope everything stays well.

CD xx

That's great I know how concerned you were. Well done Hoski's heart for behaving. Here's trusting your biopsy result is fine. X

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Good to hear Hoski. (((( ))))

Great news Hoski, hope the results are good.......maybe you can start dreaming again now.....😉😂🤪

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Sending positive thoughts

Here's hoping that all goes well for you Hoski. x


That’s great news Hoski x

So pleased that at least your heart is behaving. Please let us know how everything goes in two weeks, will be thinking of you.

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Good news Hoski - keep well. xx

Sending healing wishes.

Well done Hoski. You are a star 🌟

in reply to TamlaMotown

Not sure I’m a star but my 💜is a 🌟

All the best!

Yippee Hoski! 😀😀😀

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