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French trip

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After reading post from pattiange earlier, I thought I would ask about INR's in France.

We are planning an extended trip sometime in the future and wondered if it possible to just get an INR test while out there. I don't self test at the GP doesn't support the idea as only one practice here (isle of Wight ) does,

please could you folks in France help me with this?

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Hello, I live in France but don’t need INR tests so others may be better able to advise but in case no one does - all tests here are done at laboratoires, it would be an exaggeration to say they are on on every street corner but there are lots of them around and easy to find.

I’m not sure if they would test you if you just walk in and ask but they might, most standard tests cost 23€ if you don’t have your healthcare in France (they may have gone up slightly but I don’t think so) and you should get the results the same day.

If you need a prescription (an ordonnance) you would be able to get one from a GP (médecine traitante/ générale) again lots of them around, if you can’t spot one ask at a Pharmacy.

Appointments, if you pay are 25€. Doubt if this would be covered by an EHIC but you could check before you leave UK. Also, you could bring a prescription for one with you from your doctor, properly stamped and signed, French bureaucracy likes stamps, and see if the laboratoire would accept that.

Enjoy France pjr.

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