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Need to rant!!


New figures published in N Ireland show that some patients have waited more than six months for a diagnostic test, with numbers rising recently by 6000.

Fine - I thought, it must be a really complicated and exacting test involving highly specialised equipment and personnel.

It’s an ECG.

Is the world mad or am I?

Should I offer someone my Kardia?

Rant over - thanks for listening.

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Finvola, that's awful. Here in North Wales things are bad but you can get an ECG done easily. We have an 11 months wait to see Orthopedics and a 6 months wait for Neurology. I referred Orthopedics to the Ombudsman and have been waiting 10 months for him to do his report.

I have just discovered that there is an 8 weeks backlog in the typing pool at our local hospital. This effectively meant an 8+ weeks wait for my GP to receive a letter from the Consultant regarding my new tablets. I asked her to write her instructions on to a piece of scrap paper which I left at the GP's surgery. He had the tablets delivered to me the next day. 10/10 for him!

Finvola in reply to jennydog

I’m so incensed, I could scream, jenny. Those Welsh figures look familiar over here too - my cardiologist’s report takes 6 to 7 weeks but he dictates it as I leave his surgery.

That was good thinking about your tablets - must remember it.

What I want to say to the so-called politicians in charge (or not as over here) isn’t printable!

jennydog in reply to Finvola

Finvola :, Wales has a Labour administration in Cardiff. My comments aren't printable either!

What irritates me most of all is that they think that they are doing a good job!

OMG that’s ridiculous - we can have one in our GP surgery!

Finvola in reply to CDreamer

So can I CD, which is why I cannot understand the figures. I’m thinking of ringing the newspaper to ask for further details as it sounds like bureaucracy may be the culprit.


When I was bad with regular events I could ring my surgery and pop down in ten minutes for an ECG with Nurse Gladys Emanuel. (just kidding about Gladys Emanuel her name was Claire.)

Finvola in reply to BobD

Loved that series, Bob and Ronnie Barker was one of the all-time greats.

BobDVolunteer in reply to Finvola

fer fer fer fer fer flip me.

That's totally unacceptable. It maddens me so much that people's health is compromised and potentially damaged by lack of the very thing we all need, access to equal health care and have a national health service supposed to provide it. Madness. No wonder you are furious.

Six months for an ECG? That's horrendous. I can understand if it was an Echo and there was a shortage of facilities.... but one of the more common heart tests?! Crikey.

Don’t understand this at all. All GP’s surgeries in my small market town have ECG machines and there are state of the art area hospitals throughout NI which are well equipped. jennydog may have put her finger on the problem - administration overload. Added to overworked GP’s and consultants.

I contacted the Chest Heart and Stroke people in Belfast as they publicised the Department’s own figures which were reported in the Belfast Telegraph. I have to speak to someone tomorrow morning and will try to get some insight into why this is happening.

I would not stand for that - totally unacceptable I would contact my GP, if no joy contact your MP, your rant is very justifiable.

Finvola in reply to Blooto

Thank you but I haven’t been affected by it at all Blooto - in fact my care has been first class. This seems to be a statistic found by the Chest Heart and Stroke Association locally, which is why I want to follow it up tomorrow.

Normally I would agree that this would be something to pound an MP with but . . . Our regional assembly has been on strike for 19 months whilst they argue over things which are of interest to a small minority of diehards living in the 17th century.

Talk about fiddling whilst Rome burns - arrrrghhhh.

Hi Finvola - since I got diganoized with PAF almost a year now I am just about to have an abilation at Freeman Newcastle I struggled with Bisoperal I just carry a pill in pocket which has being much more successful for me on blood thinners now so I can have the opp - very nervous but hope i will have my life back and fingers cross take a trip home to Dublin xx

Finvola in reply to UnaY66

Best wishes for your ablation Una - I hope you get your life back.

Lovely city, Dublin - we used to love Bewley’s wonderful coffee shop and the aroma heading down Grafton Street!

That is totally unacceptable people could die due to that, an utter disgrace in a developed nation !

Finvola in reply to Andyc934

Exactly, Andy - which is why I am going to find out if the newspaper got the story right before I decide whose cage I can rattle about it.

The article wasn’t visible in the online edition late last night, so I’m wondering if the newspaper has confused an ECG with an echocardiogram.

My GP nurse does mine - I just phone up when my home device indicates a problem and she does a full 12 lead, sends it electronically to the local hospital and a result with full analysis comes back in under 10 minutes. She then takes it to the GP who sees me immediately if necessary, and he even once phoned the consultant to get me in the next day when my T waves suddenly inverted.

Finvola in reply to Mike11

Same here Mike - and it’s the same for people I know locally who need an ECG. My GP practice still use paper prints but it’s a routine test with practically no wait involved.

I'm in U.S. saw cardiologist in one week for stress test, following week RN came to visit/teach placement of 10 lead monitor worn for a month. Received calls when 120 to 160 extra heartbeats detected (node to nowhere) but felt fine. Afterward offered Rx or ablation. Had ablation a week later n on low dose Sotalol. Tx less expensive and no need of prescription as I recall. My brother lived in Spain. Also on vacation in Ecuador, a man with us broke his arm in biking accident. ER did everything including a cast and Rx.....cost $50 for everything. As Americans we were quite impressed with emergency management. Why the long wait across the pond? Sounds like our Veterans Administration.....

Finvola in reply to hock217

Sounds good hock - the report isn't normal at all in describing such a wait which is why I am following it up. It describes an ECG (EKG) but I think the reporter is confused as I had all my tests done within 8 weeks (including echocardiogram, stress test, x-rays and Holter monitor).

Newly diagnosed, in Scotland, saw go withdymptoms, ecg carried out by practice nurse that day.Referred for 24 hr Holter, happened two weeks later. Six weeks later cardiology appt and had an echo at that appt. great , speedy care by our devolved NHS and government. It’s a pity all areas are not performing so well, everyone deserves great treatment.

Finvola in reply to FedupAF

Great Fedup - I had equally good care here 5 years ago. I've posted an update this morning on the report.

I've written an update on this subject here:

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