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Leaving work celebration tomorrow,mixed feelings....

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I have been invited to join our services annual training day tomorrow for a celebration and presentation from the director.

I have to make a soeech,currently have 2 versions,one they will never forget and which reflects how I really feel about the management and general direction of the education service locally and nationally,as well as my personal experiences when i became more of a liability as I became less able to function 100%,and another one which basically says 'thanks and goodbye!'

Which one shall I go for?!!!

Feeling a bit low about it now it has come to the crunch,will be a bit sad to say goodbye to people I have known and worked with for many years. I have to drive myself to the Ivory Tower (main service location ) in Leamington ,45 minutes away,so I am taking the country route and hope for the best!

I will be mentioning life with AF and AFl, and that it is indeed quite common,etc but also very individual and constantly evolving.I shall ask peop!e NOT to say things like,'oh I get paplitations of I drink too much coffee, and have you tried blowing into a paper bag etc etc'

See you on the other side folks!

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All the very best with your speech wilsond, I can understand your dilemma! As you have a fantastic way with words, I rather wish I could be in your audience.

Yes, it's always sad to say goodbye to colleagues who've become friends isn't it? But enjoy the new era, doing all the things you want to do like your lovely hobby.

Do let us know how it went and what you decided won't you? xx

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wilsond in reply to Hilly22

Thank you Hillly! I think im going to do a bit of both, whats the worst that could happen? Sack me? As long as im not actually libellous....? Ill let you know......x

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Hilly22 in reply to wilsond

Good idea. I was going to suggest doing the one they'll never forget but I'm a bit of a rebel so didn't want to influence you! 😂 A bit of both sounds good x

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Be tempted to give them the full beans myself but emphasise the lovely people at the coal face.

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wilsond in reply to BobD

Thats a good idea! Bit of both.....! Thanks mate

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I would give them a bit of both as Bob has suggested . It will liven things up a bit!

Hope all goes well...do let us know !



Morning Wilsond, I would push all personal thoughts re having a dig at management etc. aside. This is not the time for you to let everyone know what you think of them and where they're going wrong (lovely though the thought appears to be). You never know, you may well need a reference from them sometime in the future for something you cannot foresee right now.

Other people do not understand AF and to be honest don't have a lot of interest in something they can't see, so if you mention that I would make it very brief. Or you could just talk about your health being the cause of your leaving. Think of a few things/disasters from the past to mention that would make your colleagues laugh or smile. Think of some jokes relating to your employment time or the fact you'll be with your wife more. You know like the jobs she has lined up for you, or call her your new boss. Deliver your short speech slowly and give time for colleagues to respond if needed. Leave them knowing what a nice person you are.

Times are changing and much as we dislike those changes they will continue. It sounds as though you enjoyed your work, so don't run it down.

Hope your speech goes well for you. Let us know.

Best wishes


Thanks Jean,good advice here...by the way my name is Dawn! I do have a hubby though,who has already remarked thatI have too much time on my hands now,as Im writi g lists of things that need to be done around the house...and tackling a few myself with varying success!!

Ill be good.....x

Hi Dawn - There, you have your new job in hand - writing lists and improving your home. I used to love painting and putting up wallpaper when I was young and the girls were at school, but dislike it intensely now. I thought I'd update some dining room furniture with those expensive chalk paints, but when the woman in the shop told me what I had to do - prepare the wood, undercoat, top coat and then wax it. Yawn! I very quickly went off that idea. Would far rather be outside in the garden or walking in the countryside.

I do voluntary work for the National Trust, you may want to think about doing something like that. I love it and there are too many perks to list, including nice days out at their expense.


Sounds a plan.....love meeting and talking with people,can see me going a little cabin crazy when i cant get into garden or allotment.

Thanks for the suggestion x

I might just put a bat up their nightdress by SAYING ive got two speeches....pause...then do the nice version!and not take the truthful version with me just in case I see red.....!

Aw Dawn, the end of an era - I know how you feel, having been there myself. Your audience won't be there for a 'political' speech or reminders of what, perhaps, they too dislike about the system. That doesn't mean they cannot laugh at it all???

You'll find the best mix of sentiments but the main thing is to enjoy your day and look forward to all the things that you told yourself you never had time to do before!!! (I simply found new excuses not to do them.)

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wilsond in reply to Finvola

Love it Finvola! Yes I have decided to be good and just make em laugh,plenty of happy memories, I was fairly accident prone ,and if anything was going to go wrong it was usually to me, so that should give plenty of material!

If you were to look back on your leaving speech six months from now which version do you think you would feel most comfortable having delivered and which one do you think would have done you justice.

Sometimes a dignified silence on certain issues serves best in the long run. However sometimes letting loose feels justified. Whatever you choose preserve your dignity. Remember there is a new good life ahead of you, move forward and use your time to enjoy life. Good luck.

You are right.I have decided to bow out with grace and enjoy seeing some very dear friends and avoiding those people who are destroying the service as much as possible.

Thank you,hope you are doing ok? Xx

Hi Dawn :-) good luck with the speech. I would keep it simple and as least stressful for you as possible , you don't need added stress and it will all be forgotten in a few days.

Make it an enjoyable and memorable occasion (for the right reasons ) for you .

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wilsond in reply to doodle68

Thank you doodle, ive written speech,including some memorable funny Family Learning moments such as being locked into a school one evening,laminating a slug by accident during a mouse mat making workshop, running cooking courses where one mum tried to peel an egg with a knife.....

Hope it makes everyone remember it for positive reasons! Xx

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doodle68 in reply to wilsond

Dawn :-) it sounds just the thing and memorable......

I'm hoping you pitch it somewhere in the middle, because whilst it's good saying "thanks and goodbye" it also needs noting how difficult it was for you at the end in some parts that was down to them..... lines can be read between!

Good luck, don't get nervous and if you do just picture everyone in their underwear.

Cheers mate!onto version 8 at the moment..think ive hit the right note at last...thank you for this...xx

The best leaving speech I ever heard was from a site agent who said “ F—- the lot of you I’m off and I hope I never see any of you again.”He then left the room leaving us totally stunned not least because he was a lovely guy to work for and it seemed so out of character. One thing for sure not one of us who were there will forget his way of leaving.

All the best for your do Wilson’s.

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wilsond in reply to Mickhall

Cheers Mick shall try and restrain myself!! Lol!

how did the speech go.....hope they haven't found a way to cancel your pension.....enjoy your retirement!!!

Speech went down a storm,those who can read between the lines did so.....! Everyone laughed and clapped at the end....so felt happy..lots of nice comments in line managers speech,made me tearful...thank you xxx

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