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Sunday morning


Hi all Just letting you all know I'm in my second week back in phased return to work Even though I'm only doing five hours a day over three days I'm still tired.Tomorrow I have to go to another home to update my first aid training So hoping my paf or anxiety doesn't kick in Hope all those I have got to know are well and those I don't are also ok Let's keep smiling and pulling each other through our bad times

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You'll get better the more it happens, people don't realise how long it takes to get stamina back and how much more involved getting up and being on the go is compared to getting up and taking it slow.

Keep your chin up!

Thanks Jedi How are things with you Have you seen the OT At work now

Occupational Health is 11th September, with HR meeting due to be after that at some point (after me kicking off about it supposed to be tomorrow when we didn't have OH input)

Hope all goes well and you get the help you should Let me know the outcome will you

Well done you. By the sounds of it you're doing really well ... not surprised you're tired though.

Glad you enjoyed your birthday - I remembered it was the same day as I was getting my 2 week monitor from the hospital ... all wired up now and hoping it doesn't record conversations lol x

Vonnieruth in reply to Hilly22

Lol sensored monitor Hope it reads well when you go back with it You will be more at ease now with hubby back which is good

Hilly22 in reply to Vonnieruth

Lol. Thanks Vonnie.

Yes, it's so good to have him back. He has to go away for 3 weeks every year and it gets harder for us every time - this year was the hardest ever.

Enjoy your weekend x

All the best Vonnie x

Vonnieruth in reply to Kaz747

You to Kas

Hi Vonnie :-) pleased to hear you are coping ok with the return to work, it can't be easy for you . How long till you retire.

I have had P- AF 3 times this week 2 short episodes and have just started a nasty one this morning :-(

Off to swear to myself and cut up some runner beans from the garden, I hope it stops in time for lunch.

Vonnieruth in reply to doodle68

Three more years yet Doodle Cannot come quick enough I quite liked being a lady of leisure last few months A broke one financially but that's life lol.Hope all stops for lunch time for you Up to know I have been ok with no further episodes Good job my head's wood the number of times I have touched it for luck lol

Hello vonnie glad your doing ok !! Good luck for tomorrow ! Enjoy today we’ve got lovely sunny day here today 😄😄 take care Eileen

Vonnieruth in reply to Edm174

Hope you enjoy today in the sun

Glad you’re doing better, Vonnie. It’s my 2 week on phased return too and I’m pooped every day! Hope it gets better for you too x

Vonnieruth in reply to Terriuk

Thank you Hope it does for you I'm on first aid training today then in for three shifts only till 3pm though

You have done really well,i remember being flattened when I went back to work after sickleave...! I hope you have a good day at the training and not too

Vonnieruth in reply to wilsond

Thank you Wilson I am tired Today I'm anxious due to having to travel to another of our homes Pulse is slightly up in 70s

wilsond in reply to Vonnieruth

You are bou d to be a bit wound up,its a big thing gtting back into what was our normal life and hoping all will be well,Im sure youll be fine once youre there. Do you get a free lunch?!! Always a bonus!! Take care,Dawn W


Hope it went well for you today Vonnie :-)

Vonnieruth in reply to doodle68

Thanks Doodle I realised how much muscle I have lost today due to AF Was hard going doing CPR on dummy

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