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Echocardiogram results, sort of good news, anyone else affected by mitral valve problems?


I finally had my echocardiogram and received the results very quickly - a brief letter saying the results are 'encouraging' - my ventricular function is good but I have mild mitral valve regurgitation - followed by an appointment to be seen in clinic next month. I already knew about the mitral valve, I guess it is good that it is still rated as 'mild' but when I looked it up I realised it could still account for a lot of my symptoms of tiredness and breathlessness on occasions and maybe is the reason I am so much affected by episodes? It looks as though there is no stage between mild and severe. Something to ask when I see my cardiologist or whoever, I hope it is him because I really liked him and he seems very efficient!

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Ask about your ejection fraction a measure of cardiac output andi if there is any evidence of Congested Heart Failure


Buffafly in reply to etheral

Thank you X

I was told I have mild mitral valve leakage but it’s nothing to worry about (I’ve been told for years that I had a mild heart murmur which my dad and uncle also had). I’ll be interested to hear what your cardiologist says.

Hi Buffafly

I was told years ago that I had mild mitral valve leakage, that it was unlikely to cause any problems and was normal as we aged. To be honest I've never given it much thought and have had a few echocardiograms since without it or anything else being mentioned.

Yes, make a point of asking your cardiologist about it so that your mind is put at ease. It will be interesting to hear what he has to say, if anything. Please let us know.

Best wishes



Most people have slight leakage of the mitral valve I believe. Echocardiograms are I was told by an expert quite subjective so what may be termed trace by one operative may be termed mild by another. Sever leakage can impinge on AF as the back pressure hitting the top of the left atrium can result in stretching which we know is a bad thing as it can result in the pathways being damaged leading to AF. It is this stretching by enlargement which is the reason why endurance athletes are prime candidates for AF as they constantly exceed the design parameters for their hearts. .

Buffafly in reply to BobD

According to the BHF mitral disease can cause AF but I'm pretty sure mine is genetic, though I suppose it needs an extra push to set it off. Certainly not caused by being too athletic 😑

Hi Buffafly :-) I am pleased to hear your results are 'encouraging', that must be a relief for you. No overdoing things now, Mount Everest is definitely out :-)

Buffafly in reply to doodle68

I'm a bit worried because Diltiazem is not on the list of meds recommended for mitral valve problems so I hope he's not going to insist on trying Bisoprolol, I've had a horrible year health wise and a medication that's likely to make me feel worse is not what I feel like. I know you can refuse to take meds but doctors don't like it at all 😡

My letter from the hospital after my echocardiogram (Jan 2016) said I had mild mitral valve leakage. I got in a real flap but when I saw the arrythmia nurse (who was extremely knowledgable and informative) he said your echocardiogram is normal - nothing to worry about. Hope your appointment with the consultant goes well!

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