Silver lining?

Almost afraid to write this incase I jinx my health!

Some of you may remember that I recently spent 9 weeks in hospital with sepsis/endocarditis. In the latter weeks I mentioned to the consultant that I felt that my AF had improved during my spell "inside". She nodded, as a mother would with a child and dismissed my theories about rest, relaxation etc with a friendly smile.

Since I came home this feeling of wellbeing has increased and now that I'm getting my strength back I feel better than I have for years.

As I say, almost afraid to post this, but there is tangible proof in that the leak from my mitral valve has now been regraded from severe to mild.

Just thought I would share to let others see that sometimes good comes from unexpected sources. xx

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  • get news- keep relaxing and keep the progress!!

  • So good to hear and I am sure you are right. Someone else mentioned recently that they never have af when away, and I am the same. must be allergic to my family😊

  • Great news on all fronts and so glad that you feel well. Long may it be so. xx

  • You certainly deserve some good to come out of this. X

  • Really good to hear this. Hopefully you will carry on with your improvement as you've put up with so much with such good humour.

    Best wishes


  • That's really good news enjoy your new found health improvement. X

  • Lovely to hear that. Take it easy an long may you feel this way.

  • Great to hear from you at all but even better with good news 🙌

  • What good news and long may your new found health continue!


  • Really good to hear you've not just been on the mend but, seemingly, moving forwards as well.

  • Keep on doing what you're doing.......I think we would all agree you deserve some wellbeing. x

  • The body is amazing and unpredictable. I was in hospita with sepsisl for half the length of time you were but with missed medications, fasting and stress I was really worried that the AF would return. But it didn't. Doesn't mske sense but made me happy.

  • Great work!

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