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Can hear heart beating all over body


Had my second ablation 5 months ago.

Had few runs of fast heart rate and a couple of short AF runs but in normal rhythm for last 5 weeks. But my heart is loud mentioned it to a cardiologist at my review and he said I'm just listening out for it and more aware of it.

Never disagred with him but he's wrong. Lay down can feal pulse in my head and ear turn on my left can feal it against the bed turn on my rIght can feel it at bottom of ribs in my fingers, can count heart beat just sitting still or laying down, any one else get the same symtoms and do you think it will get quiter over time

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Yes Higgy. I agree with your EP actually We af-ers do get very aware of our hearts. I can hear mine in my ears all the time if I listen.

Yes In any restful situation I am able to count my heart beats without taking my pulse on my wrist. In addition I feel each and every Ectopic beat.

However Ectopics and no AF is infinitely better to cope with than PAF.

I don’t like laying on my left hand side in bed as it feels even worse.

I think that lots of people who have or have had AF are much more aware of their heart than those who haven’t had or don’t have the pesky condition.


I don’t want to sound flippant higgy, but it’s better than not being able to hear it beating. Your doctor is right, we all tend to be far more aware of our hearts than before. I now notice heartbeats in far more places than I ever did before AF and I just try to take comfort from the fact it’s still working. It may or may not change in time, but I expect you will gradually become less sensitive to it......

Thanks Flapjack.

Yes at least it's still beating and better than A F.

I too can feel every single ectopic which I get every single day & night & am so aware of my heart beats. Especially hard not to focus on it during the night when it's quiet. I have not laid on my left side for years now.

Yes there are times I can feel and even see my heart beating very energetically and then it settles down again and goes quiet. Sometimes I get ectopics during these sessions and sometimes it is still regular but better than the AF I got before my ablation

Yes I get the same higgy52, but my GP says because of all the problems that I have been going through, I am just more aware of my heart. Like you I can't agree with him, but as a friend said to me "as long as it's beating" No help I know, but you're not alone

Feel better soon


I've got pulsatile tinnitus so hear every beat whether in AF or not. Recently I had hearing checks and the specialist came to the conclusion nothing could be done to help, although one comment may be worth thinking about. That was that we get sensitised to our AF and actually start listening more than is appropriate, a bit like when you suspect a car of making an unusual noise and you think it's going wrong but just not sure - you listen harder and hear noises you've not noticed before. Eventually when nothing happens you just carry on driving and the car purrs along once again.

His advice was to try to re-train the brain not to listen - harder said than done but in his opinion it's possible.

Good luck.

I too get this and wonder if it is related to vagal nerve disturbance. I do find that slow ‘belly’ breathing helps - in for count of 7, expanding stomach, out for count of 11 relaxing stomach. Do this for about 10 minutes. Might help and easy to try.

Yes I think you've right about the vegal nerve plays a part in loud heart beat and ectopics

Yes unfortunately get that too

I can hear my heart beat most of the time I try. You get sensitized to listening for potential problems. Best to try to forget it or it keeps you awake.

Post ablation I have had very short runs of irregular heart beats.only for a few seconds then my heart started racing. After a while it came down. I reventually realised that I was causing the high heart rate by assuming / fearing the short burst of irregular/ missed beats were AF returning. I decided to try to ignore them. The fast hr is gone. I hardly notice the irregular periods now.

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