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New medical term...….


As most of you know, an ablation is not an operation, it's a procedure, so the new term I've invented and is now available for anyone who chooses to use it is: "Pre pro" assessment. Far more accurate than pre-op assessment, what say you BobD?

To briefly bring you up to date, I had a cryoablation back in July 2016 which was fine. Last October/November I had a couple of AF episodes which I know was brought on by some acute stress. (There is no truth in the rumour that it was brought on by Beancounter's requests for me to turn up to Natter 'n Nosh meetings wearing a pink frock for his own personal gratification!!).

At my review in December 17, my EP suggested I should have an RF ablation to tidy up some loose ends, but I wasn't too sure because I felt sure things would settle once Beancounter decided to dump me, however, I was added to a very long waiting list. I have had another 4 or 5 episodes since, so I became more confident that another ablation was the way to go (for me!). Yesterday, I went for the Pre-pro assessment at St George's Hospital which was completed well within an hour. Very professional and absolutely no evidence of the "problems" discussed on earlier posts. I was delighted to be able to tell the Specialist Nurse who was delightful, that I had been stable now for almost 3 months and all the results from ECG's etc were good. However, midday today, from nowhere, AF kicked in again, not severe, but enough for me to take Flecainide PiP. All is back to normal now, well within 2 hours, but I think this confirms that the decision to proceed was the right one. Of course, I haven't had the ablation yet, (2 weeks from today) but here's hoping the next post will continue to reflect my current positive thinking!!

Thanks for listening and just to confirm, Beancounter and me are no longer an wishes....

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Onwards and upwards flapjack! Counting down for you!

Thanks Jed, appreciated.....


It is so pleasing to have a dose of AF not far off an ablation and you really feel certain it is the way to be going.

FlapJack in reply to Hidden

True Rellim.....enjoy the w/e....

Positive thinking is the way to go Flapjack :-) wishing you well Post pro ....

Hey....we’re on a roll.....😉

We are indeed Flapjack , we can start our own AF dictionary of terms :-)



Sorry to hear about the divorce FJ Hope you are both managing to put it all behind you.

I know you have made the right decision (on both counts) and will be rooting for you in two weeks. Love the new terminology by the way.

PS loved that pink dress by the way.


Pleased things went well at your pre pro and all the best for your ablation tidy up. Sorry to hear you and Beancounter have broken up but perhaps its for the best, not sure you were suited anyway. Put the pink frock on ebay and move on lol. X

FlapJack in reply to meadfoot

Don’t tell him, but I never fancied him really......😂

FlapJack in reply to FlapJack

Just to set the record straight, I have been happily married for just over 48 years. Many of you will have seen and hopefully laughed at some of the banter each time Ian (beancounter) announces one of his Natter 'n Nosh meets. So hopefully, the newer folk here will not be's all just a bit of harmless fun.

Wishing you all the best Flapjack

Sending best wishes. Sorry the frock has to go can put pics on here tho' so I'm sure you're clever enough to give us a virtual twirl before waving it off. I've never worked out how.

FlapJack in reply to Bagrat

Wanna larf.....this all started when Beancounter said he would give me £50 if I turned up in Central London wearing a frock and BobD said he would double it if he was sent a pic of me in one.....clearly it was not going to happen, but Ian took a pic of my face which he was going to superimpose onto a pink frock and send it to Bob.....all I know is I didn’t get £50!!


Ooo what size is the pink frock?? 😏😏

I am waiting with bated breath for my date at St Georges so very interested in yours Flapjack.

Thanks for making me smike!good luck with it,best wishes x

Smile even!

Gmc54 in reply to wilsond

Stick with smike, another new word for our vocabulary! A cross between a smile and a smirk. 😂

Sounds like you are on the correct path for you - glad the pre-pro went well - good luck.

FlapJack in reply to CDreamer

Thanks CD......

I have detected a bit of a pattern from members' contributions that the danger time for AF is not during a stressful situation (in your case a hospital visit) but up to 3 days afterwards.

I put this down to the parasympathetic nervous system getting stuck like a thermostat and still acting to calm you after the 'stress time' has finished; consequently too relaxed and a situation where AF kicks in.

The solution I believe is to try and create a period of time of no hassles or use more Mind exercises to allow the 'thermostat' to go back to working normally. If you think you are prone to this then, in the short term, after a stress time do not have a quiet relaxing few days but keep active. I hope that all makes some sense.

FlapJack in reply to secondtry

That makes a lot of sense secondtry, thank you

Wishing you well for your RF ablation.And don't stop making us laugh with pink frock or without.?

Hope it is 100% successful John, and you kick this horrible beast into the corner. I am back in AF/Tachycardia since Wednesday, no more ablations for me according to Dr Jones so I don’t know where I go from here. I will 🙏🏻 all goes well for you, not long to wait. Very best wishes


By the way, I would have loved to see you in a pink dress deffo your colour😂

FlapJack in reply to cbsrbpm

Thanks for your kind wishes Brenda, but sorry of course to hear your news but things are still developing, so who knows what's around the corner! I've binned my dress now, but maybe you've got a sexy little number I could borrow!!….John xxx

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