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I had my ablation for afib May 2018. Also he induced three arythmias to fix. Aflutter also. Om my follow up last week he took me off amiorderone. That night I went into aflutter. Still going put me back on toprol 100 mg Slowed down the rate a little from 120 to around 100 and some time a little lower. I have never had aflutter this long. Third ablation and everything was going so good after this one. They tell me they don’t think another ablation will do anything else. Really scary. I’m scared to pace and ablate because of all the precautions u have to take with the pace maker. Any help would be appreciated. It will be three months Aug 18. Thank you. Sandy

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Hi Sandy

I’m scheduled for pace & ablate once my heart settles down from my ablation in June. I don’t see the precautions as being particularly troublesome and I think they are mainly listed to protect the manufacturer. My main concern is to be careful not to extend my arm and strain the wiring until it has ‘bedded-in’. The fitting of a pacemaker is a routine procedure these days and they are very reliable. Did you know that 25,000 are fitted in the UK every week. People I know who have one, or know of someone else with one, all tell me what a great benefit they have been.

I hope this allays your fears.

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sandy1952 in reply to IanMK

Thank you. Sometimes you just need to be reassured.

Hi Sandy - I do think AFl is more symptomatic than AF, makes me feel pretty horrible but it doesn’t affect me until HR goes over 130-150. It doesn’t scare me but it is very uncomfortable and makes me very tired.

What is it that scares you? Living with AFl, meds or thought of Pace & Ablate? Trouble is that fear makes everything a whole lot worse so it can help to address the anxiety and challenge the thinking. How could it help you? Etc, etc.

After 2 ablations I am also on the Pace and Ablate list and again it doesn’t scare me in the least - I am not looking forward to the procedure and recovery but I do believe it will have a good chance of improving my QOL as I am starting to show signs of sick sinus syndrome - Heart rate slowing and then speeding up which I suspect could be as a result of ablation.

As Ian has said - the devices these days are incredibly reliable, there are only a few things you need to watch - going through scanners at airports and avoiding being within 2 feet or so of halogen hobs. As I don’t come in contact with either on a daily basis - how is that going to be inconvenient?

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sandy1952 in reply to CDreamer

Thank u for your response. I am a very anxious person. You would think I would be used to it. I started having tachycardia in my twenty’s. If it lasted to the Er, 220 beats per min. They would give me I think Verapamil and such a weird feeling when my heart would go back to normal suddenly, then meds to calm that down when I was 40 As they found slight mvp with regurgitate. Since then it’s been hard to find. Then a life of ectopic. Then Afib 10 yrs ago. First ablation. Then two more in the last year or so. I guess I’m afraid the pace maker won’t work with the history. And then what. I know I should have faith. Just reading on the internet that the auto start on your car hairdryers. Other things and if cell phones are a problem. Lol. Thank you

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CDreamer in reply to sandy1952

That's not true of the modern pacemakers and mobiles are not an issue.

Some of the older autostart keys and pacemakers weren't always compatible but you can always check with the manufacturer. Ask for the model information ahead of time. Faith has nothing to do with it - research and check the facts directly. Never, ever heard of a problem with hairdryers.

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IanMK in reply to CDreamer

Just to clarify, it’s an induction hob that should be avoided (because of its electromagnetic field). Modern airport scanners are generally considered to be safe these days but to err on the side of caution it’s best to mention to the security staff that you have a pacemaker. Similarly, if you are pulled to one side for ‘personal attention’ alongside the scanner then mention it to anyone scanning you with a hand-held wand.

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CDreamer in reply to IanMK

You are of course correct, I meant induction hobs, my mistake.

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sandy1952 in reply to CDreamer

CDreamer. Thank you for your info. How long have you been in AFL at one time. Just something new for me. The Toprol has seduced the rate somewhat but still up and down.

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CDreamer in reply to sandy1952

I’ve never just had AFl, always mixed AFl with AF and I don’t take any meds other than anticoagulants. The longest episode is probably about 4-5 days that I know of but I only feel it when in fast AF/AFl and in the last few months I have been having slow AF certainly and when I have done a Kardia seen odd runs of AFl.

I am on the waiting list for Pace and Ablate.

The pacemaker will not stop either the AF or the AFl so you will still feel them but what I will do is stop the rogue signals transferring from the atria to the ventricles - therefore improving the symptoms such as breathlessness and constant fatigue. 220 HR is very high - the highest I have ever recorded is around 185.

It is certainly a big decision but if meds and ablations haven’t helped then it really is the last option and for me - I’m there and ready to take it as I don’t want to wait until I’m in heart failure and a lot worse. It is a very personal decision and one not made daily or quickly.

Have you downloaded and read the info on the AFA website? You may find that useful.

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sandy1952 in reply to CDreamer

I’ve been in afl for two weeks now. Medication was keeping it under a hundred to low 100’s. Went wit my daughter to a place called Sams wholesale yesterday and pushed the cart around instead of riding a HC RIDER My heart rate went up to 128. took about 1/2 hour to come down. Still not very low. My heart rate is usually 50s and 60s. May need a cardio version. Just upsetting. Thank you for all your help

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Just to add my five pennyworth, it is still pretty early days. Three months is absolute minimum recovery and you may well find that in another three things have settled down much better.

Thank u. I know the days are early. It just seems to not be stopping. Usually stops on its on.

Thank you very much. Just frustrated enough to cry. You can read my replies to CDDreamer. Thank you.

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