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hgv licence


i am in a dilemma . went to see cardiologist yesterday , she says everything is fine and my heart pump is normal. i asked her if she could give me a letter to send to dvla to get my revoked licence back and she said '' the dvla has to write to her.'' i rang the dvla and they say that i have to get proof that i can get my licence back , which i cant because the cardiologist wont do me a letter or write to the dvla ,and the dvla wont write to my cardiologist . i'm going round in circles . has anybody else had this problem?

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Did you report on a form H1 or did they revoke unilaterally? Did you doctor write to them in the first instance? I think DVLA should offer some advice on the way forward.

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the doctor informed the dvla who only revoked my hgv not my ordinary licence , I can drive 7.5 t as well

G'day Chaddy,

I hold a PCV entitlement.

I've had a recent experience which went like a dream - following cataract surgery. I was operated on on 2 July, I notified DVLA on 3 July - they then sent me form V1V ( a medical questionaire dealing only with eyesight) and on 11 July I took this form to my optician for her to complete and she pronounced that even with my old spectacles I still passed the tougher standard eyesight test for a PCV licence holder. Not much difference in medicals between HGV and PCV just the type of vehicles we drive - so, anyway, next day I sent this to DVLA and on 21 July I got my letter saying OK to drive again. Job done. So, 19 days after surgery I was good to go again.

However, my dealing with DVLA when diagnosed with AF was a bloody disaster, but, in fairness that was back in the day - Jan 2010.

There is one major issue in your case - based on what you have said only in your post - its all tied up with Data Protection legislation. The DVLA MUST - MUST - send you appropriate medical forms to be completed by your healthcare professional - if they don't you must challenge them. Now, included in this wad of papers/forms will be a short document which you sign and date which over rides Data Protection legislation - it is your authority to DVLA to make any enquiries it likes pertaining to your condition, without reservation or restriction. Without it nothing is gonna happen ! This may well be the reason that your cardiologist won't do anything because apart from any medical codes of conduct she is also bound by the same legislation.

I had to complete such a document even with my cataract surgery.

Next thing that comes to mind is - when I had my AF diagnosed the cardiologist did all he had to do and when the diagnosis was completed and treatment started he wrote to my GP and basically said ......... I've done my bit I now discharge the patient back to you for ongoing care. And from that moment on I was cared for exclusively by my GP, only seeing my cardiologist once afterwards for the standard follow up review. Job done.

As a start point, visit the DVLA website ....... Medical services and go to the section that deals with a shedload of conditions ......... you'll be looking for a bit on arryhmias or atrial fibrillation and whatever - it should tell you what sort of hoops you have to jump through.

Feel free to contact me again if you need to.


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OK John thanx

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