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AF and low blood pressure?


Hi all

Had ablation for flutter back in April brilliant no flutters since!! No signs of my AF at the time so EP holding off ablation for that till it appears again!! On holidays in cornwall 3 weeks ago I fainted in the middle of the lost gardens of Heligan. Mmmm not good I sat for a while gulped water raised legs etc did all the right things. Felt yuk rest of time but muddled through. Took a week and a half to get in to see my named GP which I did last Wednesday I told him he did my BP which was 102/54 which is low I’m now monitoring 2 x daily with a monitor. Yesterday had a day of AF (Kardia mobile detected) although I felt it hence I took reading HR was 89bpm during that episode. Upon waking yesterday my HR was 132bpm and I think I was in and out of AF all day. I’ve not felt like that in about 5 months! I feel sooo tired I felt like ide ran several marathons without moving an inch!! I have a pacemaker which is supposed to adjust to what my heart is doing I had it fitted because HR & BP were too low that was 13 years ago. Now my BP been ‘normal’ for sometime and suddenly has dropped again really really low this morning it reads 75/40 pulse 60 the highest reading I’ve had since last Wednesday is 97/50 on an evening reading. So don’t know what’s going on I’m hoping my pacemaker has recorded the AF episode yesterday looking at the ecg recorded I wouldn’t have a clue what I’m looking at it’s just a load of wriggly lines to me that go up and down I really must learn how to read an ecg!! I don’t see EP till 7th sept and that’s my post operative appointment from ablation back in April!! Which I think is a long time to be seen. Not got appt for pacemaker check not cardiologist which I normally do have so feeling neglected at the moment and struggling to know what to do or how to cope!!

Sorry it’s long post but too much going on and feel really yuk! In need of some TLC

Thanks everyone for taking time to read hope it all makes sense

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So sorry to read all that and yes your BP does look very low. Strangely my BP always went up a lot when I was in AF but then we are all different.

I do think you should see somebody asap frankly so why not ring the EP's secretary or the arrhythmia nurse where you had it done and explain what is going on, especially the faint which I think is significant . I would caution that BP machines can be notoriously inaccurate when you are in AF so please don;t get too hung up on numbers. Go on what you feel.

Babyr1996 in reply to BobD

Hi bob thanks for input really appreciate that!! Will keep you all posted!!

Hi I’m on midodrine to raise blood pressure been on that 2 years now. Thanks

I agree with the advice that Bob has given to you, but I'm wondering if you are drinking enough fluids? Just drinking a little more water could help to bring your BP up a bit higher and you could possibly use a little more salt in your diet. I use sea salt for cooking and Himalayan pink salt for adding to meals, both have no nasty additives. Please try it and see if it helps. Although the trend has been for using as little salt as possible, the idea now is that our bodies need it.

Are you on any medication that could be causing the problem?



I’m drinking loads of fluids always have since having low BP from 13 yrs ago I’m on meds to raise BP believe it or not but am taking advice

I don’t overdo salt never have done I use sea salt Rock salt and the infused salts which are healthier to the usual everyday sodium.

Oh yes I’ve drank drank drank especially in this heat I’m well trained on thatcher me as it’s something I’ve had since a young girl I’ve always got a bottle of water in my bag a supply in the car in the fridge!! I’m always drinking water!! I’m also always weeing! Haha!!

But trying to get thru to EP secretary left msg on answerphone to call me back

Thank you

My pacemaker clinic is very good. Any time I have had or thought I had a problem they have seen me the next day.

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