Hot Bath / Very low blood pressure/ Warfarin

Just had a very hot bath as I felt quite cold and wanted warming up- I am taking Warfarin. After being out of the bath for 10 minutes started to feel a bit faint and breathless with a fast heart rate of up to 104 (usually about 53 ) don't think it's AF ( I had an ablation in June and the last episode I had , which was fairly mild , was in early in September. I took my B.P. and it's 90 / 52 . I take 5mg of Bisoprolol daily. Do you think I should see my G.P and ask for it to be reduced or is it just a one off because it was a bath that was to hot? Anyone had similar ?


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  • Hi Fi

    Yep a hot bath reduces blood pressure, and then the heart beats faster to try and compensate. Perfectly normal and everyone has the same response, you're just much more aware of it.

    Really hot baths like saunas and Japanese Hot tubs can be dangerous for anyone with lowish blood pressure to start with, and fainting when you come out is quite common.

    But I share your feeling, I too felt really cold today and had a long soak in a hot bath with some bubbles and a great novel. Feel much better now

    Take care


  • Thanks Ian ,thought that was it but am still a little paranoid after recent events - AF and stroke is always in the back of my mind anytime I have a "wobbly" Starting to feel better now. Back to showers from now on but they don't warm you up like a nice hot deep bath.


  • G'day Fi,

    You seem to be blaming warfarin .... poor old warfarin - seems to cop it for everything ! Yeah my BP does the same every now and then - but soon picks itself up - and that's without a hot bath or shower !

    As for the coldness - if you are into the blame game - try blaming Bisoprolol ! It'll keep you cold - occasionally it drops my heart rate to 45/46 bpm. I feel crap - so much so I feel its better to have full blown AF than going cold. I've been known on hot summer days to go to bed - electric blanket on, hot water bottle and gloves and socks. But after about 4 hrs kip I'm fine again.

    I'd advise you to keep a basic diary of these events so that you have something concrete to give your GP if you ever need to. Don't rely on memory alone !

  • There was a post on not to long ago with the same thing. Hot baths seem to have that effect. I only ever shower as strangely it stiffens my joints so much I crack as I move. Plus I do not think I could get in or out now :)

  • I refuse. I am not giving up my hot bath - it warms me when cold, I fall asleep in it when I can't sleep anywhere else, it soothes my aching knees - and of course gets me clean. So this is my line the sand.


  • AussieJohn is on the right track. I think. Take a look at Bisoprolol and discuss with your doc whether it needs reducing. BP like yours is a bit on the low side and if it is upped a bit you could reduce the giddy and fainting symptoms. Stay warm!

  • Hi All

    Thanks for the suggestions, I'm sure Bisoprolol is lowing BP to much and I think I've felt colder since taking warfarin but all necessary I suppose.


  • Sometimes when I've come home from cycling and got into the shower I've found that it takes all my strength to lift my arms to head height. When I try to wash my hair, my arms feel like there's a ton of lead hanging from them. Anyone had a feeling like that?

  • Hi Ectopic - that sounds like muscle fatigue to me. I get that either when I have done too much physically and/or as a pre-cursor to AF episode.

  • Perhaps, but it's not as if it's my arms that are doing the work on a bike.

  • Of course they are, just because they are static doesn't mean the muscles are not working, just in a very different way. There will also be tension in your shoulders which may very well impede blood flow? I am not an expert but used to campaign a dinghy and sitting out hard for a long course, often my legs wouldn't hold me up when I jumped out of the boat. I was static but the muscles were working hard.

  • If it were simple fatigue I would have been getting it after most rides, but I only had it two or three times out of hundreds of rides. Taken in the context of other occasions when I've had paralysed fingers, it's tempting to wonder if they were TIAs.

  • Hi Ectopic

    I had exactly what you are describing on a couple of occasions. To wash my hair was incredibly difficult my arms were like lead and thats not after exercise just getting up in the morning. Perhaps you might be right to consider a tia although I dont think theres any proof one way or another. The only way I knew Id had one was I couldnt see from one eye and id got up in the night to go to the loo. I equally could have slept through it and maybe have with others. It might be worth a visit to your G.P.


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