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Afib & cardioversion


I was first diagnosed with AFib several years ago, ironically after I quit smoking and lost nearly 100 lbs. Converted rather quickly with metoprolol and amiodarone. Its now returned ànd the drugs have not converted it to normal sinus rhythm and are wanting to do an electro- cardioversion. Should I skip this and just elect for an ablation? Also, I have developed a tooth infection and have a script for penicillin. Can I be on the penicillin or have a minor infection while undergoing the carcioversion?

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It is quite likely that the tooth infection has brought on your AF so get that fixed first before you do anything else or it may be a waste of time. Once that is sorted then DCCV may at least put you back into NSR for a while and that may point to an ablation if you feel the benefit. Don't rush to ablation just yet. And this advice from a great fan of the procedure.

I gave up smoking ten years ago. A year later I had my first bout of AFIB. While in A&E it spontaneously returned to normal rhythm. Since met quite a few people who started to get heart problems after giving up. Would still recommend stopping smoking but perhaps accompany it with more exercise and better food. I had several more bouts of AFIB that spontaneously returned to normal rhythm. My first time when it didn't fix itself came on during a bout of flu. Then several more cardioversions and return of AFIB. Last cardioversion was internal but after 5 weeks back in AFIB. I think part of the problem is having to wait months for a cardioversion. The odd thing is after the internal cardioversion and return to AFIB my symptoms are massively reduced. I don't know why. Is it the incredible weather and all that vitamin B? Does the internal do something different? I wish I knew because if I thought it would stabilise at this I would be happy.

Losing weight is not easy so congratulations on that . Losing 60 pounds enabled me to get off oxygen for one . The point Bob D. makes is a good one .I just wanted to say I have had a cardioversion last 3.5 years however since then I have had one ablation and one more cardioversion neither worked but saying all that I really feel pretty good .I am 73 and I have my times when I may be short winded but it dont last long ,maybe 5 minutes maybe one minute .We are like snow flakes ,not one of us are alike .What ever you do hope is in your favor .This A-Fib thing is a weird animal in that there are many things that can set it off ,this is what I have learned here on this forum .This forum is wonderful and very encouraging best wishes from Jerry

Well done on the smoking and weight loss.

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