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Can a Cardioversion work after 9 months in Persistent Afib

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It has been a long very hard fight to get seen re my change from Paroxysmal to Persistent Afib and the help and advice on here has helped.Just been offered Cardioversion option or at least put on waiting list.It could be a couple of months longer so maybe 9 or 10 months in Persistent AFib.I just wonder people's thoughts.I will try anything if it helps even if a remote chance.24 hr monitor shows in Afib 95% of the time.

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Cardioversion (DCCV) can return people to NSR (normal sinus rhythm) at any time IF the heart is able.

As I'm sure you will know it isn't a cure for anything, more of a test to see if a)you can attain NSR and b) if you feel better in such condition. If the answer to both is yes then it can sign post future options such as ablation, or if not then treatment there after will be rate control along with the normal anticoagulation. In some cases doctors add amiodarone to the mix for a period before DCCV to increase the chances of it working. Anticoagulation will be needed for some time prior to DCCV in any event.

Why does it take so long to get a cardioversion? Surely it's something that could be done quite quickly.

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kkatz in reply to Physalis

I think a couple of month is probably average with the pandemic.It is the staff,room availability,backlog.The big wait was actually getting getting the problem looked at by Atrial Fibrillation department.And that is a very long story.Lets hope they don't change their minds.

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Desanthony in reply to kkatz

I think if you paid privately it would cost around £1500

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kkatz in reply to Desanthony

Did it Work ? Hope so.Will wait for Nhs .well until I get a date & see just how long .The guy I spoke to said the best part of his job is when he can get a patient back in NSR. Wouldn't want to disappoint him(lol)

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Desanthony in reply to kkatz

Yes the CV worked for nearly a year.

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Physalis in reply to Desanthony

Good heavens, I thought it was something they did in A&E. I've probably got the wrong end of the stick!

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kkatz in reply to Physalis

They can do if you go as an emergency.

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Desanthony in reply to Physalis

They do do this in A&E My friend who had paroxysmal AF had one every time she went into hospital with heart rate in the 2 to 300’s in persistent AF I think it is termed elective and are

Put on a waiting list as you would be for any other procedure.

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Nick1957 in reply to Physalis

I asked to go on the "last minute stand by drop of a hat waiting list". I was slotted in within days after receiving my DCCV date. That was at Barnet Cardiology Dept. However, I understand that all hospitals have different waitibg lists but it's worth a try! Good luck

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kkatz in reply to Nick1957

Certainly thinking of that anyway but thanks.

I had my first successful Cardioversion after 11 months in persistent AF. This was due to firstly not having a cardiologist at our hospital - was told I would have to wait 14 months to see a cardiologist so glad it took less than that. Did see a private cardio who gave me all the relative tests then I saw the NHS cardio in early October after diagnosis in late hMay and was due to have a CV in November but hospital closed due to Norivirus(!). Changed hospitals as in the meantime had moved house and had CV 2 months after seeing new cardio. That just a little longer than 11 months in persistent AF - this CV lasted just short of a year.

I'm having my first on Friday. I've had af for 17 years. Permanent now for quite a few years, unsure when exactly. Will let you know 😊I'm not expecting miracles, just a window as bobd says. 👍

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kkatz in reply to Fullofheart

Good luck.Hope it works for you.

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Fullofheart in reply to kkatz


I'm meant to be having a cardioversion next week, having waited eight months. I shall let you know the outcome. Frustrated with waiting so long and then having an appointment cancelled last month I checked out the possibility of a private procedure. I was quoted £3,500 and the secretary told me this was "the best deal around" at the time.

I paid 1850 for one at Spire three months ago… still in rhythm and very active… popped back to bar on first shock so prognosis is good… no pain or issues… nothing to worry about… good luck

Bar = NSR

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kkatz in reply to Walkingballer

Here's me thinking you went to the local pub!(lol)

Hi kkatz,

Cardioversion has a very high success rate, but unfortunately it isn't always a permanent fix, in fact many people go back into AF after having it.

Mine lasted 2 months and I went back into AF after the first stressful experience (a football match), stress is unfortunately one of the most common AF triggers.

Fortunately I was tried on flecainide and it put me straight back into SR where I have remained for the last 3 years.

A small worry bead, one of the concerns about AF is the longer you are in it the more intractable to treatment it becomes.

Personally I think because it isn't life threatening it is not treated as seriously as it should be and treatment is delayed longer than it should be, and it becomes more difficult to treat.

Keep on at them and become an irritation if it gets you treated quicker.

Good luck

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