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3rd Ablation here


I am having my 3rd Ablation on Aug. 7. I have congenital tetrology of fallot. I have had two pulmonary valve replacements , one at age 2 and the other at age 38. Two previous ablations and several cardio conversions. My rates are very high - when in an episode I am up to about 280. Most times have to be cardio converted/medicines rarely work to convert me. Taking about 200-300 mg of Metoporol now until the ablation and no heart rhythmical medicine, thank Goodness. They make me feel horrible. Looking forward to ablation and hopeful it will work another few years. I like to be as aggressive as I can be with my treatments. I do not like to take medications and prefer procedures over medications.

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The best of luck Tony, hope all goes well for you. Please keep us informed or your progress......

Wishing you lots of luck for your 3rd!


That's a very high rate- you must feel bad when that happens. I have been to some interesting lectures at the RSM about TOF- you seem to have managed it very well. Good luck with your ablation

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