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I’ve had 3 ablations all failed after a few months . A flutter fixed right upper fixed now have left Block branch. Resting rate now 80walk upstairs goes to 160 drops back to 80 in 2 minutes. I wore a heart monitor for a week need to see the doctor next week. He did mention Amiodrone. Wants to Put me in the hospital for two days to monitor it. I love the side effects is definitely something I do not want to take. Are there any other options out there or has anybody else been on this drug is it as bad as it sounds as far as side effects? I am a 65-year-old man slightly overweight ex athlete.

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Hi Jsanta

Yes, taking the tablet Flecainide is a far better option if that is ok for your heart condition. I would ask your consultant if it's possible to have that. A lot of forum members take this with good results.

I took Amiodarone for a short while and it damaged my thyroid (made it under-active) and I'll now have to take pills for that for life.


Was taking Flecainide but de took me off it. He was co cencerbed flecinide causedleft block branch Saw thyroid side effects sorry..

Is the Pope catholic? Such a question will generate a deluge of negative responses. For me it has done the job with minor side effects. You will have regular blood tests to check the numbers and suggest an eye test.

Good luck.

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What were your symptoms before taking? Has it kept heartbeat lower under after mild excursion?

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Had a DC Conversion in January which switched me back to normal rhythm but only for four days. Then put on Amiodarone which did not convert me so another DCC end of March which did. Now on Amiodarone and Bisoporol which keeps heart rate in mid fifties at rest and late sixties/ early seventies at reasonably paced walk. No dawdling! Should push more but that will come. Good luck.

Hello Jsanta

I relied on the expert knowledge of my EP. I was on Amiodarone 200 mg.... Digoxin 62.5 mcg..... Bisoprolol 17.5 mg:

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