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Amiodrone heart drug for Afib


Has anyone been on one month of a high to decreasing of amiodrone? I just got off it and am wondering about these horrible side effects. Had most of them but now the warning say issue with lungs. Thank you

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If you have only been on Amiodarone for one month I would not worry too much. Speak to your GP if anything specific worries you.

All powerful drugs have side effects which you have to be warned about but it does not mean that you will get them all. Just be aware.

Rebma in reply to Hidden

Thank you. I have some now. Not a good drug. It got me through.

higgy52 in reply to Hidden

Been on Amiodarone for nearly two and half years, some of my side affects, not much sleep wired dreams all night, permanent head ache, red face, red eyes, thyroid gland is really over active and on tablets for that,

had my second Ablation witch was a successful 6 weeks ago, E P said stay on Amiodarone till next clinic in two months, but had my fill of Amiodarone carn't stand the side affects any longer so stopped it Friday, see what happens, ,they say it stay in your body for 6 months

I was on it as an infusion over 23 hours and an increasing dose over a month. The side effects were pretty serious when I read them and I had to have regular blood tests for kidney and liver function same as when I was on the supposedly less potent Dronedrone.

thank you all for your comments. It helps knowing there are others out there with the same worries as myself. If you read the contraindications on any drugs it's scary, but I believe the drug manufacturers are covering themselves against litigation. Although it's wise to be aware of side effects so that you can alert the health professionals, surely worrying will only make the Afib worse. So there comes a time we have to put out trust in someone and our cardiologists are well informed. I'm putting my trust in mine while I am at home in my husband's care, taking amiodarone, bisoprolol, digoxin plus a cocktail of other drugs. Awaiting a cardioMRI the probably a cardioversion - if I'm still alive .

Completing my bucket list isn't possible, because travel is out (we had to cancel cruise to Western Med. because I was rushed off to hospital.) Insurance is prohibitive. Feel like giving up. I thought old age was going to be a lot more peaceful and I would be knitting , reading and pottering in the garden(that's out now because my sun hat- which is necessary because of amiodarone, keeps blowing off )

I honestly thought when I survived a massive stroke 9 years ago that I had had the worse, but oh no ! that damned Afib still chases me, what damn well causes it? I'm sure it's genetic.

seasider18 in reply to annlynne

The best write up I read on the history of Amiodarone concluded that if the Devil had invented it he would have considered it to be pretty good for a first attempt.

Hidden in reply to seasider18

Great description!!!

bennie06 in reply to annlynne

I am also on Amiodarone Bisoporol and Digoxin and fortunately my side effects have not been too debilitating. Sometimes had a snooze after the pm dog walk but what i did find (for what's worth!) was not to take the "digi" with the "amio". Took my digoxin in the pm. Found this helped. Cardioversion tomorrow so fingers crossed. Stay strong remember the sun block and buy a better hat! Things will get better!!!

Only problem I had was an issue with swallowing. My throat would spasm preventing me from swallowing however, I realised that if I breathed through my nose and waited it would release. We are talking about a spasm that last for a few seconds and seemed to occur just as I was falling asleep. It was not sleep apnoea and was only present when I started taking Amiodarone and then reduced as the after life of the drug wore off. Please note, after life following cessation of drug is 6 months so keep using the sun screen.

I took amiodarone for 7 months. Just recently, 3 weeks ago, stopped amiodarone and started flecanaide 100 mg bid. While on amiodarone my blood pressure was high, my cholesterol and glucose levels rose and I had horrible dreams, difficulty sleeping. I'm hoping in June my blood levels will return to normal, my blood pressure has. My af did not stop completely while on amiodarone but since starting the flecanaide I have been in normal rhythm.

Rebma in reply to Amcech

Hi. What was your dosage of amiodrone? They tried me on flecinaide and my legs swelled up. This afib is a life changer. Some people manage it and others don’t know they have it. Mine hr was as high as 180. Now just on metoprolol blood thinner and water pill. Had my eyes checked. Have to. Ack to eye doctor for deposits in eyes amiodrone. I know you have to check your liver kidney and thryoid which I am waiting for them to do.

Amcech in reply to Rebma

I took 200 mg of amiodarone once per day. I'm taking 100 mg of flecanaide two times per day. Flecanaide makes me very tired and a little achy, hoping that will fade as the amiodarone works it's way out of my system. My heart rate is in the 60's when in nsr and in the 90's when I'm in afib.

Rebma in reply to Amcech

How long were you on amiodrone. I also tried flecinade. Made me swell. I am hoping the blood thinner, metropol and water pill controls the afib. A life changer.

Amcech in reply to Rebma

I took amiodarone for 7 months. I'm hoping it didn't do any permanent damage.

cuore in reply to Amcech

Wow ! Same thing happened to me. On Amiodarone I was going in and out of rhythm. Since Flecainide, I am mainly in sinus rhythm. I took amiodarone for 9 months.

Wow! I am Post second ablation 14 days with three AFIB episodes and high HR, two cardio versions with electricity and convert with drug cardizem (ditalszein) sorry spelling not correct. I couldn’t tolerate anti rhythmic drug Rhythmol and it apparently didn’t work- so I was taken off of it after third AFIB. Day before third AFIB - EP nurse was saying they could put me on amiradrone- Short term because of side effects and I said I will stay on Rhythmol a few more days. Hmnn

Now I am back to metoprolol- and calling EP today- as a follow up. Of course the AFIB happened on a Saturday so the Dr on call made the decision. Today I am Feeling great at the moment - that being off of Rhythmol 😎

What a journey 🤣 I was expecting a peaceful feeling after the ablation -

Hi. I had my first abliation. Not sure if it worked it told me there is a three month blaming period. I am in the usa

Tantaanna in reply to Rebma

Three month blanking (healing time) in which you may have AFIB or other irregularities with rhymn

What does that mean? I've had 2 and haven't heard the term. I hope everything goes well for you. Pam

Rebma in reply to sweetiepye

I am hoping it means it was good. Had a hard time during the procedure. Cardioverted me afterwards. Then put on amiodrone for 27 days. High dose and then tapering down. Only off it a week. That drug made me so sick and lose weight. So many side effects.

After my morning post and a call to my EP- he put me on amiodrone and I am not happy. High dose of 400mg twice daily for ten days and then 200mg twice daily. Mid day today my heart rate went up to 94 and was in AFIB again- - this evening no AFIB. When I spoke with EP nurse I said I was tearfully saddened and disappointed- she said please don’t be you are only two weeks post ablation and my heart is healing from the scarring and things will get better/ I just am frightened by this drug

I have been taking Amiodorone for 7 years. I see heart failure nurse regularly and have blood tests. I am on 100mg a day (used to take 200mg) and have an ICD. Take Levothyroxine (had half thyroid removed) Bisoporol Ramapril and aspirin. I also take Spironalactone and Furosomide. The worst thing for me is trying to avoid sunshine. I only have to be in sun for 5mins and s alp starts to sting. Wear a hat if I have to be out in it and try to keep under cover.

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