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30 yrs ago I had an irregular heartbeat when at the doctors it went into normal rate pretty soon and I only knew because I was told so. This happened every 2/3 years after this. About 18 months ago I was told I was in permanent AF I cannot feel it and my HR is always about 88. I have seen cardiologists and am on carvadillo and candersarten with rivaoxyban and frusamide. I have no fluid retention. My EF was 30 at a recent ultrasound so was told am now in heart failure with LVSD. If the medication drop my body I have hypotension and nearly pass out on standing and I am quite tired all the time. The cardiologist this week told me that they would not try to put me in MST and left it to me to adjust my meds as to how I felt. Has anyone else been in this situation. I am 72.

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Hi Patasquith - your post title was ‘puzzled’. I’m not sure what your puzzlement is about?

Or if we can help. I know there have been people who have posted about various aspects of AF and an ejection fraction of 30% would indicate structural changes have happened over the years, which would mean that any treatment to convert you to NSR wouldn’t be effective.

Do you have a specific question?

What is MST please?

Best wishes CD.

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Sorry it should have read NSR. You have really answered my question in that the changes have occurred over years so making conversion ineffective. Reading about the problems and difficulties others have I should just be grateful I have no pain and can not feel any irregular beats or fast heart rate. Thank you for your reply

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Hi Patasquith...Like you I have HF plus permanent A/F Brady /Tachy with not to many episodes...I am on medication alone Apixiban....digoxin..spirolactone..frousamide..ramapril..only problem is breathlessness was on bisoporlol ( pill from hell ) cut it down myself and got it changed for Nebivolol 2.5 only days ago and I am starting to feel slightly better already ..hope it continues..only other option EP said is pacemaker...I can but try medication alone see how it goes ...do you have Brady/Tacky ?? All the best Celia

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Hi Zezee. No as far as I know only LVSD. I too am Breathless after very little exertion. Interestingly I spoke to my HF nurse yesterday and I asked about entresto and she thought it would be suitable and advised to ask cardiologist when I see him next. I would prefer to manage on medication if possible.

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