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4 months post cryoblation A/F back


Hi everyone, feeling very fed up today as having a bout of A/F since 9 am this morning. It’s been 4 months since my cryoblation which the hospital said was a success, but here I am again with the dreaded A/F again. This is the second bout in the last two weeks, it went away with flecenaide the last time, but here it is still going 7 hours later(grrr).

I know that after reading comments on this forum that this can be quite common, and that I may need another ablation, that’s if I can have one, but I was hoping that the dreaded A/F had gone. Hope this is a blip as have had quite stressful few weeks.

Thinking of all my fellow a/fibbers.

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Cryo ablation is seldom a complete end to AF as it is so restrictive in where it can ablate, You may now need an RF ablation to "mop up" those other areas which it can't access. AF is a long journey with quite a few dead ends along the way but life is still good .

Hi Honeydog, sorry to hear you are having AF attacks again. Have you taken any medication to try to get it back into normal rhythm?



Try not to despair honeydog.....I had a Cryoablation in July 2016 and all was well until 2 weeks or so after my 1st review at six months after the procedure when I had a couple of episodes - all stopped quickly with Flecainide PiP. Then it settled until last October when I had another couple of episodes which were brought on by stress. This year I have had a couple more and I'm now on the waiting list for a RF ablation. All episodes have been significantly less worrying than before the ablation and I am optimistic (using BobD's term) the mopping up procedure will get me back on track.

Like you, and almost everyone else, I was hoping the Cryoablation would be the answer to my prayers, but as has been said, more often than not, it forms a major part in the journey of trying to tame the beast!!

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