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6 weeks after ablation for atrial flutter and just had another episode.


I have atrial flutter and had ablation 6 weeks ago and I have to say I have been extremely tired ever since. Stopped taking bisoprolol a week after and my blood pressure is fluctuating wildly. A couple of days ago I went into atrial flutter for the first time since ablation for 12 hours and when my pulse got to 136 I panicked but didn’t want to go to A&E and remembered I still had some bisoprolol 2.5 and took one. Half an hour and I was back to normal! Well, I say “normal” but really very low which is not normal for me but I can live with that.

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Hi Jan,

I too had an ablation for both flutter and fib a month ago, and bar one occurrence I’ve been ok so far. I feel like rubbish with hardly any energy but I’m not having A-Fib at least. I know it’s disconcerting when it comes back!

Make sure you keep your arrhythmia nurses appraised or keep a diary so you can give them the details when you have your 3 month follow up.

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