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Hi everyone,

I’m having. Lot of problems posting on here at the moment so please forgive me if you get 4 copies of this.

I was wondering if any of your are being treated for Osteoporosis and if so how are you getting in with medication. I started my second variety of alendronic acid last week and am not getting on much better than the first lot. Side effects are different but non the less horrible.

Regards Sue

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Hi Sue, I’m sorry to hear of your osteoporosis diagnosis and treatment issues :( Sorry that I have no experience of this so can’t add anything helpful, but just wanted to send my support x

I presume your pharmacist or whoever has checked the new meds are ok with your AF meds? I do hope someone is considering you ‘holistically’... I find that I get treated in ‘compartments’ by each consultant for my various conditions, and I’m sure it’s nothing like as effective or reassuring as a having a medical professional who looks at the ‘whole me’!

Im wondering if you might get some helpful answers if you post your query on the osteoporosis forum too? (You could maybe say you have AF too and any other conditions, to give a fuller picture.)

Good luck - hope you can get some good treatment without the grim side effects xx

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Hi Jane thank you so much for your reply. I discussed with my G P the fact I was taking other medication and he said no problems as long as I didn’t take it together, which I don’t. So I guess it’s back to the drawing board ! Afib is in the main fairly controlled but it did kick in again last night which I can well do without.

I was just interested to know if anyone else had experienced similar effects and find out how they dealt with them.

Thanks again for your support. Much appreciated


JaneFinn in reply to Hidden

Oh yes it’s so helpful just to hear other people’s experiences and personal thoughts/ recommendations too, isn’t it? Hope you get some xx

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