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A week has gone by

Hi all

It has now been a week since my ablation so I thought it was time to update you on that week, the first 3 days after I had a sore chest when breathing in and out hard and of course a very sore and bruised groin, by day 4 no chest pain things seemed to be going well, day 6 about an hour of atrial flutter which of course was disappointing but it was not as bad as before, day 7 some AFib and ectopic beats but very short time intervals, again gets you worried because before my ablation that was a prelude to 3 or 4 days of discomfort, last evening I had the visual disturbances migraine type jagged lights but having read on here it was one of the side effects of ablation I was ok with it, today day 8 I seem fine but still relaxing, might actually make some dinner today as being waited on is beginning to lose it's appeal.

See you all in a week or so.

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Good to hear you are picking up Brizzy. Will await your next update.

Best wishes


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All sound normal so well done. ry not to over do things.

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Best wishes! Dont go too mad,take it easy


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