I've not gone, honestly

Dear all. I have been having problems with my ISP so will be changing to another soon. I have passed on the MAC but fear that I may lose internet services from 2nd March and my new provider will not install me till 11th March. I really hope this doesn't happen but Sodt's law etc. so if you find I'm not responding at all that is why. I will be back asap and of course there is the wild hope that things will go smoothly.

Fingers crossed.


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  • Miracles do happen, you could be lucky.

    Fingers crossed,


  • Fingers crossed too!! You never know it may work out to be fine 😳

  • Bob, try Zen. They are more professional and when you phone up, they are great to deal with. And if you're in a slow speed area, you share with less people so get a fast speed (in effect) from a slow line.


  • Missing you already! Best wishes Wendy B

  • Already booked Plusnet. There is cable to the box 1/2 mile away so my BT mate says it should be fine. They do make it bloody hard to switch though don't they. Took me an hour to find somebody to talk to at Virgin.

  • Hope the changeover goes well.

  • Hope all goes well, Bob! Stay positive and follow what your ISP tells you. It's good that you can come on here and share with others who sometimes have the same problem!


  • Hope goes well, try living here it's a nightmare and we are out of the fact area .ugh


  • Ah good old PlusNet! You can always trust a Yorkshire brand 😉

  • Good luck, hope all goes smoothly janR

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