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4 weeks post ablation feeling bad funny beats and burning chest

Hi all I had ablation for atrial tacycardia 4 weeks ago and it has been a tough recovery the doctor did the ablation on my atrium just above my sinus node and he said it was a success and he didn't ablate any of the sinus node there were two complications the was aspersion in to my lungs from intabation and my hart sack became inflamed after the surgery (pericarditis) so I was released from the hospital the came back the same night because I could breath I was admitted then released the next day then 2 days later I experienced bigeminy and with the pericarditis it felt like a heart attack so I went back to the hospital was readmited ct echo were done I was told that there was very little fluid around my heart and released over the next three weeks I've had may different funny beats skips extras and irregulars off and on some days The ep nurse told me that at 6 weeks this should be mostly resolved has any one else experienced this after and ablation I get tired from walking through the store I have a burning tightness that comes over my chest I get sob the more active I am . I'm just wondering if this is par for the course at four weeks with complications and the type of ablation I had they burned through a nerve completely just above my sinus node to stop my tacy it worked I was running 100 to 150 for two years depending on bata blockers and now I'm 55 70 bpm no bata blockers . I just thought the pain and funny beats would have been over after 4 weeks if any one has experienced this kind of thing please respond. Thanks yall

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I was told there is always a risk of hitting the sinus node depending which part they need to isolate. Or in the case of my flutter ablation a risk of hitting the nerve that controls diaphragm and therefore breathing.

I'm sure it will also be said that 4 weeks is still very early days in the recovery and the other symptoms with regards your chest sound exactly like I was after my previous 4 ablations.

Fluid on the heart is a new one on me though, however my uncle did have pericarditis I'm not particularly familiar with it.

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To be honest it is still very early days. It can take three to six months for full recovery so please don't worry too much yet. I suspect that your arrhythmia nurse has never had the experience we patients have. Few medics really appreciate how long it takes to get back to "normal"


the good thing is the tachycardia is easier to ablate than AF so just hang on in there - if you are concerned keep going back for checks as you have done- but expect funny beats for a while


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