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I'm planning to delete my account (tomorrow as bedtime now...). The site has great potential and I know has been helpful to many people, I am primarily here to be as helpful as I can and comment only when I can add something or flag up something that someone may have missed. I currently don't need support myself. However, my last couple of contributions have both been met with low level and veiled hostile responses that I don't need or deserve.

There is a small group of individuals who contribute very regularly and who give me the impression of 'owning' the site and policing others' contributions. Maybe they don't mean to. There are others who are lovely (Jean...)

Sadly, I've now lost any confidence that future contributions will be received in the way they were intended, so I won't be making any. I'm not being petulant - just that the negatives have started to outweigh any positives for me.

Best wishes to everyone.

Ps. I won't get to see any replies so I'm not expecting any response.

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Oh dear. Now that is a shame as it does take time and effort to make considered replies. I am sure that most replies are well intentioned and usually well received but there will inevitably be many different view points.

Hope you will return at some point.


Sandra they say they have gone so probably wasted. I have just scrolled through their last four posts and responses and am frankly puzzled by the above comments. It is sad when people feel unwanted but all I found was the sort of general discussion most posts generate. So sad.

Don't leave this site please.

I think the trouble with written posts are we are not aware of the tone of voice in which they are given. Yes, some people may be moaners, a little aggressive or always going against what we write. However, that is their problem and not ours. They are probably totally unaware of that is how they are coming across. Please don't let the bxxxers scare you off as we'd really rather have you on this site than them.

Come on now, we value your comments so please don't go just because of a few written words.


I think sometimes too when we don't have a lot of time, but really want to help someone we give a quick short reply. That I guess can come across as a bit curt and uncaring, which is certainly not the case.

When we make a post we expect to get a reply be it positive or negative it's called freedom of speech I wish you well


Do hope you continue/ return. We do sometimes do brief answers cos of time restraints but the regular contributors you mention always keep to factual answers so I don’t think you need to feel put out at all - they often give answers to important questions which, unbeknown to the enquirer, they have answered many times before- so may sound a little brief

I bet you a fiver you are still around having a peek at the replies to your rant....😉

Of course, it has to be your decision, but why deprive yourself from all the well meaning help and advice that this forum tries hard to deliver. Equally, why deprive us of some of the thought provoking and helpful comments you have posted. Recently, there has been some issues with some contributors but as the forum grows, that is inevitably and in the scheme of things, probably is not all that important. Hopefully, that has all passed now. I know I sometimes lose patience with some of the younger, athletic contributors who seem determined to wreck their ablation as soon as possible with little thought of the consequences. Some folk may think that I am being unreasonable (heaven forbid)!

Whatever you decide to do, I wish you well.......

Please don t quit.

I wouldn’t let “them” bother you, you’ll always get people who think they know better than your own EP which is more funny than annoying in my eyes.

Sadly I can see your point but hope you change your mind. I agree text is difficult to fatham sometimes and it is easier to offend then encourage some people. As they say you can't please all of the people all of the time. I was Secretary of a fund raising charity for a short time because my lack of secretarial experience made it easy for those with experience to poke fun at my inadequacies but they sadly missed the point when your intentions are to help others. Don't let the buggers get you down x

I don’t contribute very much because my afib has been totally ... seemingly ... eradicated by a few meds that l am taking. I have had two episodes in one year only in my lifetime. My heart seems very happy and normal. However, if you wish to go, go. If you wish to stay, stay. It’s very simple really. However, why all the drama? I am an insensitive American! I like reading from this site and try to contribute if l can. I think that it is wonderful.

Please stay, Minimalist!

I haven’t been able to keep up with posts and threads the last few days, so I can’t reflect on what’s been said... But I’m sorry you feel like this. I do know that your presence and contributions have always been really helpful to me and I’m sure to many others. Maybe you can balance that and any positive responses against the negatives ones you’ve experienced?

So I really hope you can take some time out if you need it, but still come back... I for one would miss you if you didn’t :) xx

I hope that you change your mind and stay connected. The people here have taught me so much about my AFib and have always been honest with knowledge and opinions. Please give us another chance to be your support .


Im not real new here but new over the last few days of posting more regularly. I quit a facebook a fib group mostly because it was depressing to read only complaints and if you were not pro ablation, certain ones would discredit you. I tried posting about how life style changes had diminished the length and frequency of my events and got shot down every time by same individuals. Here I sense more comraderie. I actually look for Bobs responses as I can see his personality in them. I think he might be the kind of guy that would b fun to sit and share a beer with and discus world events, lol.

Anyway, people are people. A fib people are extra special as we are on cross county trips and our motors decide to cough and sputter, so we are never sure if we are going to have to park and wait or keep going. That is stressful.

Please do not leave this site. It truely is a bunch of caring people, we just have bad days sometimes.

I am closing this thread to further replies, as they are not necessary. I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Rachel - AF Association Patient Services

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