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Post cardioversion done

I had my first cardioinversion attempt I had my first cardio inversion attempt yesterday it failed I was told specifically by the doctor's office not to take flecainide in the morning when the doctor got there he found out and said that could not be the case his office said they never told me that I have a documented well that's neither here nor there they gave me a dose at the hospital but only 35 minutes later they try to second attempt and the third one with no success. I have a I have a follow-up appointment next week and I'm just dreading going thinking they're going to recommend something else or the same thing in the short period of time. Is it anybody's experience that after the first cardioinversion they give your body a chance to rest before they try anything again? I truly believe that screw up with the flecainide affected everything I had taken it in the morning like I was supposed to then perhaps My outcome would have been different. The next day I am feeling exhausted they blew two of my veins trying to hook up my IV so that was my first hospital experience it was a bad one and unsuccessful in as well. I have been on flecainident for about 3 weeks now. I do have better numbers I check my pulse daily it is usually in the 70s range which is good but I realize I have afib because my heart rate is still unbalanced. I've called the nurse's office to find out what they scheduled me to do but I guess I'll have to wait till next week to find out I'm hoping whatever it is still give me time to recuperate from this first procedure. Anybody's thoughts on that could the medication issue caused me not to be successful in the first attempt? Will they give me time to rest between another attempt or another procedure? I mean I am managing my heart rate for the most part I check a daily. Okay I wait answers from the community thank you. PS I have been on Xarelto and cardizem since December. I don't know how long I've had a-fib but I don't think it's been more than a few months they told me that my ventricle opening is very small so my odds of succeeding with my first conversion should have worked so now I'm a little bit concerned should I be?

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well there's a few choices; the obvious one is to try a cardioversion while you've been on regular flecainide. That may bethe first option to try

Previous failures may mean that it will be unsuccessful again and then comes the option of ablation or long term antiarrhymic like flecainide


Hi Goldie 11, when my first cardioinversion there were a total of three attempts. I have been on flecainide for about 3 weeks. I'm just curious the fact that I didn't take flecainide when they did the first one may have affected me being converted. I mean I did get flecainide given to me after the miscommunication the doctor came and tried a second and third attempt on the same visit within half an hour of taking the flecainide. I'm curious if I would have taken the class flecainide in the morning like I was supposed to if I would have had a different outcome. I'm home I get another attempt but not at least another weeks. Does anybody know generally how much time cardiologist give patients to recover from the first attempts before they try it again? Keep in mind the first three were done on the same day. I don't want to do ablation and I'm hoping flecainide might help.


I honestly do not think your not taking flec affected the results. It stays in your body for a while anyway. You do not say how much your dose would have been but the max in any 24 hours is 300 mg.

It is a possible they may try Amiodarone for a period before trying again. If you can't be cardioverted by the way ablation is unlikely to be an option as the cardioversion is usually used to see if you can be put back into NSR. If you can't then an ablation is unlikely to be successful.

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Thanks for the information Bob. I am on flecainide 100 mg twice a day for the last 10 days or so. I was giving that in hopes that I would convert prior to my procedure. Prior to that for I believe a couple weeks my dose was half of that at that time when I would check my heart rate it would be in the 80s 90s sometimes in the 70s since I've been on a hundred dose I have been more on the 70s to low 80s side feeling less symptomatic I've been going to the gym and feeling better but some days I do get the side effects of dizziness I hope that if this other medicine you referring to is offered to me it does not have even stronger side effects. What is your experience with that medication? Is it generally stronger than what I'm taking? Thanks for the information.


So I wonder now what will happen? I spoke with a pharmacist and I also read on WebMD that it takes 2 to 4 hours for flecainide to be at Peak conversion. Keep in mind they give me my medicine 35 minutes prior to the second and third attempt of cardioinversion it sounds like they didn't give it enough time I know people are saying that the medicine stays me for a while but the last time I had the medicine was at night time around 9 p.m. they tried it the first time around 10:30 in the morning the next day wouldn't it have already disintegrated or dissolved in my body? They also blew up my veins so even if they want to try this procedure and I would think they would wait at least a few weeks because my forearm is bruised and battered and two or three different places from the screw up on the IV connection. I truly hope I can just stay on the medication because I am feeling better even if I'm not a normal rhythm perhaps they'll try it again in another month or two with the correct dosage of medication that at the right time maybe that'll make a difference right?


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