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Hello all you AFibbers. Just wanted to thank you of you who posted replies to me. It has helped us enormously. What would I do without this site. We are seeing our cardiologist tomorrow morning so will update later in the day. We are going to find out the length of time my husband has to wait to be fitted with the pacemaker and/or what it will cost privately.Thank you all again.

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I think the cost privately will be enormous. I remember attending a presentation by my EP about ten years ago when he commented that he could bankrupt the NHS in a week if he put pacemakers into all his patients. I have a memory of about £25k each but may be quite different today. To put it into perspective I just paid nearly £3 k for one hearing aid.

netie54 in reply to BobD

We will have to see. What’s the point of having money and not using it to improve your health and get things done quickly. But I’m open minded and we will see tomorrow the best way forward.

BobDVolunteer in reply to netie54

Please let us know.

netie54 in reply to BobD

Yes of course I will . I value this site very much and believe in sharing knowledge.

rosyG in reply to BobD

My NHS ones are very good Bob?

jennydog in reply to rosyG

rosyG my elderly friend needed a hearing aid recently. Her son, a GP, insisted that NHS hearing aids were the best. He wasn't being tight either as he recently arranged a private cataract operation for her (£2,000) to avoid a long wait.

netie54 in reply to rosyG

Hello RosyG. I’m sure HNS are exactly the same. We would be very happy to go NHS. It’s just the waiting time.

Mine cost £22k about 6 years ago, the unit was c£18k but it is an MRI safe one (I don’t set off the airport scanner). Good luck!

netie54 in reply to Rubley

Thanks for that Ruby. We will know in a little while. Yo me that’s more important than anything. It could be your life and that has no price tag.

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