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New Device that Detects AF using AI


A couple of weeks ago I attended an AI for Social Good event at The Alan Turing Institue in London and they talked about an amazing device that is able to detect AF using artificial intelligence.

It looked very interesting. Has anyone come across this or does anyone know anything more about it?

Video here:

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I'm afraid your link doesn't connect to anything.


Link goes to Google account sign in - not YouTube


Can't find link but is this same as the way the Apple Watch works ?

Apologies, I think I have now corrected the link. I am not very good with computers!


It's one of these, £450 I believe.

I'll just check my pulse , costs nothing 😉

There was a post on here about a week ago, about a similar device. More 'S' shaped, but also worn around the chest, and aimed at athletes. I'll stick with my Kardia. I know when I need to use it.

got there with


I have tried Kardia, but it seems rather inaccurate. I did a bit of goggling and it seems like studies suggest the same inaccuracies. It's rather like a bit of a toy like FitBit, I wouldn't really trust it.

I used my friends the QardioCore but even that only shows one ECG reading, so again, I'm not convinced by accuracy. In hospital, I counted 12 leads on the ECG machine.

Surely something needs to be on the chest with multiple readings in order to get an accurate heart rhythm?

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