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Afib after five months free of it.

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After being Afib free for 5 months, I'd almost forgotten how it felt to be in panic-stricken terror, but last night it came back with a vengence. Today is horrible, just waiting for it to come again, dreading nighttime, weepy and so depressed. How I hate hate hate this condition.

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Try and decide how you are going to deal with an episode . For example when might you think A and E might be needed. You might want to rest quietly if symptoms not too bad etc. Being prepared helps to stop the panic. Be well

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wtw77 in reply to rosyG

What did you change in lifestyle? Food and drink and exercise changes ?

Please investigate a pill-in-the -pocket to help you cope with any future episodes. I use flecainide. Just having it gives me confidence. I know that a single 100 tablet will stop the A F within 2 hours. I have tablets in my wallet, in the bedroom, in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Just knowing that they are there is calming.

It's such a vile condition and I feel your upset, I get the same feelings. I do hope you can gets plan alongside your EP to give you a strategy ongoing and a treatment plan. big hug. X

Ask doc about Sotolol medication

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rosyG in reply to Gaayle

which is not now advised by NICE???

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Janith in reply to Gaayle

That’s what l take! Works for me!

Thank you all for replies and kind words.

Oh gwersey I’m so sorry :( We most of us know the horrible disappointment when it returns, and all the dreadful feelings that go with it :(

Thinking of you and hoping that tonight is totally different and your heartbeat stays steady. Remember you’re not alone. Deep breathing... happy thoughts... ❤️ Xxx

Best wishes from me as well, Gwersey. I had one last Sunday evening, after eight months without a sign of it. It's so disappointing, as well as a bit scary. I try hard to keep calm, but not to 'carry on'. My strategy is to go to bed, if I can, or at least rest as much as I can (no point putting an over-active heart under any further stress). I will take readings with my Kardia at 15 to 30 minute intervals and send them to my Dropbox file for later reference. This told me that the high rates (160+) were gradually diminishing, going down to 150 after the fourth reading. With that, and a visit in bed from some friends (I was at my son's wedding!) I later managed to get some sleep. I woke in the small hours to find I was back in normal sinus rhythm.

It _is_ the fear and anxiety that gets to you, not the AF itself. It feels so rotten to have such shortness of breath and fuzzy thoughts, while there is a game of squash going on inside your chest. I also had some reflux (it had been a heavy rich meal). My main frustration though, was that I was missing out on the party, dancing, music and fun that everyone else was having. My lovely wife kept me company throughout, so she missed it all too. So sad.

I do hope that is at least another 5 months, or substantially more, before it visits you (and me) again.

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Gwersey in reply to momist

Thank you momist, I hope we both have a long respite from the Beast.

I'd almost talked myself into believing it had gone for good. Silly me!!

It is a very frightening condition ... l haven’t had an attack in close to one year ... l sometimes think that l don’t have it anymore. However, l do have it and will always have it. Go over in your mind precisely what you ate, drank, stress level, medication, thoughts, sleep, etc. etc . For 24 house prior to your event. Try to determine what triggered it. I think that the key is figuring out the trigger and working on never repeating that activity. Magnesium, probiotics, less alcohol, light meals, has helped me. Plus tons of other supplements. I hope that you may be free of this condition forevermore!

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emilyboom in reply to Janith

I have added a low glycemic supplement 'Almased' to my diet and had great success in reducing episodes. Purchase online, GNC, CVS.

"It had been a heavy rich meal" - probable cause?

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Janith in reply to Ianc2

Absolutely! My first episode occurred following heavy meal. Don’t repeat doing that. Only have small small meals. Small piece of salmon ... veggies. No dessert. Small glass of wine perhaps ... without sulfites. Be very careful.

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